An Answered Question/Depression Blog 27/02/2022

I was asked a question.

“How much effort do you put into creating such a wonderful informed website?”.

The truth is some of the songs/poems were wrote in my early teen years. I merely dug out old song/poem books from my youth, decided which ones to put on the website & publish them.

The hope of the website was to reach out & to help someone who might be going through a rough time in their life.

Over time the website took a new direction (blogs & advice). The interests of my early teens (Wicca, Crystals, Aromatherapy & Astrology as well as Sign Compatibility) came together along with new interests (Spiritual Awakening, Angel Numbers, Synchronisities etc). It all linked up & clicked together like pieces of a jigsaw coming together.

Some bits of information i already knew (my cousin teaching me about forming energy spheres/balls using my own hands & feeling the energy) & other bits i learned along the way (Birth Charts, Rising Sign, Moon Sign etc). I’ve also gone down the path of counselling & holistic therapy (both of which i am keen to learn more about as i feel they go well together in helping someone).

As for the poems/songs……. whenever i think of a lyric, i write it down. If the lyrics flow, they flow. If not, i come back to it another day.

I find blogs are alot more easier to write if you know what you’re writing about (in some blogs I’ve gone off topic a few times & it’s been transformed into something else entirely).


The core intention is to help someone.

Whether it be…….

An uplifting poem.
Helping calm anxiety.
Connecting them to their inner warrior.
Learning something helpful.
Helping them to rediscover & connect with what makes them happy.

I have gone down the path of depression a few times in my life. In the long distant past, i have self harmed & contemplated suicide. In my past i have had days where i just wanted to stay in bed & cry. I’ve also had days in my past where i felt the world would be a better place without me in it. In the past i was put on anti depressants for a while.
I’ve also let anxiety outbursts ruin relationships (which have never fully repaired). I’ve been through shit & in certain situations, i have let my mouth run riot & hurt people in the process.

I’ve never implied i was saint. I am neither a sinner. My past isn’t simple black & white shades, my past is grey.

In my past by some people i have been treated like a C**t, yet to some i have been a C**t to them.

My point is…………….

I know how hard it is to get yourself out of that mind field of self doubt, hate, anxiety & depression.

It’s not easy & at times it’s soul destroying.

I don’t want anyone to go through that mental mind field (and if you are going through that journey, please feel free to reach out).

You’re never the same person you were at the start of the journey- that i have learnt.

I’ve got thicker skin from coming through it & mental scars left on my heart also.

I still have days where i start to get low (when the anxiety creeps in).

But i know I’ll never let myself get that low ever again (to a point of dark suicidal thoughts).

1 thing i stopped doing was holding back tears & instead just letting them flow.

Telling anxiety to Fuck Off is another one.

I hope this blog has helped you.

Even when i have gone off topic yet again haha.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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