Rest & Recharge Blog 04/03/2022

Lastnight i was feeling unwell.
I needed rest.
I needed to switch off.
I needed my body to recuperate & heal.
I needed sleep.

I was sitting in my car lastnight & these lyrics popped into my head.

I wanna go to bed.
And i wanna cry.
I want to get rid of this last bit of fear.
I feel inside.

I had a heart palpitation which triggered anxiety which made me feel uneasy as i was on my own & made me worry of a panic attack.

A friend came & sat with me til it was time for me to go out.

Not gonna lie……..
Heart palpitations have freaked me the fuck out in the past.

I knew why it happened (i haven’t slept well the last 2weeks, the sciatica pain at the beginning of the week, then feeling full of cold & not resting properly).

I wasn’t resting my body.
My body was trying to clear my immune system of a cold. Yet i wasn’t allowing it time to recuperate & recover.
Yeah, i made sure to take the natural cold fighting remedies (Honey & Ginger in tea).
Yet i still wasn’t functioning properly.
In not allowing myself to rest, i was making more obstacles for myself to get over.

So lastnight as soon as i got home.

I went to bed.
I got my teddy (yes I’m in my 30s & i still have a teddy). The teddy was given to me by someone very special to me & in that moment, i felt i needed comfort.
I spoke to the Universe.
I let a few tears fall.
I got comfy under the duvet.
Closed my eyes.
Focused on my breathing.
My soul felt my body resting.
Like a soothing wave under my skin.
Like a slow pulse of electricity.
I felt calm.
I felt comforted.
I felt safe.
I felt love.
I felt protected.

I woke up today feeling much better & i have decided to take it easy today.

I’m not Superwoman. Even if somedays i do take on more than i should.

Today I’m just enjoying feeling in my own body & resting.

We spend so much of our time rushing around.


“I need to do this”.
“I need to do that”.
“I have to get this done”.

Sometimes we can push ourselves too hard which can cause stress & anxiety.

Look after yourself & your loved ones.

The washing can wait.
Tidying the front room, can wait.
Making your home immaculate like a homewares showroom, can wait.
Cooking that extravagant meal, can wait.
That laundry load of washing, can wait.

Get comfy.

Sometimes doing nothing is actually the best thing you can do. Your body needs rest.

If your familiar with acension symptoms (you’ll know with any activations, that the body can take longer to process the incoming downloads).


Fluffy socks can make all the difference for that extra warm & cosy feeling ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.
Oh & a fluffy blanket ๐Ÿฅฐ

Even Great Mother Gaia has days where she’s like……

No, not today.

Rest & Relax.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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