Be Present In The NOW/Shadow Blog 23/03/2022

I was having a shower & the thought came to me………..

This NOW moment.

Is the only moment that exists.

The past is a memory.
The future is a dream.

Our emotions.
Our feelings.
Our reactions.
Our actions.
Our behaviour.
The present moment we are in.

This crucial moment……..

Can cause a ripple effect in how the rest of our day/night plans out.

I was speaking to my sisters yesterday about shadow work.

I learnt so much about my old behaviours popping up in the NOW moments.

I done a shadow work exercise lastnight (although shadow work takes time & there’s no linear timeframe for healing & improving one’s behaviour). I was just scratching the surface lastnight. And after the exercise i felt lighter.

Today I’ve been observing how i react & how i approach situations.
For example if I’m around someone who’s venting, I’ve been visualising a bubble around my aura & reminding myself, that they are responsible for their behaviour & reactions. Not me. So i paid it no attention & there was no energy exchange.

I remember my sister saying “you can’t bypass an emotion as it isn’t helpful, as emotions are stored in the body & crying is good.”

I plan to curb my swearing (after all i cannot change how someone reacts or behaves, I AM responsible for my responses & actions).

Lastnight the cotton wool exercise. The cotton wool was the size of a medium bouncing ball. I also burnt a letter (which was holding negative energy this attaching it to my aura field).

Alot was released & alot of positive intentions were set.

I’m only scratching the surface. I’m aware there’s more onion layers to go through & transform.

BE Present in each & every moment.
BE mindful of how you react & how you speak.
BE mindful of old negative behaviours/patterns popping up.
May how you speak to yourself be kind.

You have fully responsibility of your life (your emotions, your behaviour & your reactions).

Whether you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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