Message to self Blog 07/04/2022

Message to self.

Overthinking is what is bringing you unhappiness. You have a tendency to overthink certain situations (dreams, how loved one’s might react etc). It’s time to let go & go with the flow. You can only control how YOU react & how YOU respond. You’ve wasted so many years overthinking & in doing so it has caused alot of anxiety to occur. Trying to control & be on top of everything is like trying to control the weather, certain things are out of our control.

Also throwing money at someone won’t make them like you (a loved one). You might aswell chuck the money at a fire. It just burns away.  In doing so it also burns a hole in your heart as nothing is changing for the better.

Trying to be perfect is another one. You’ve listened to so many other people’s opinions over the years, you’ve forgot to listen to your own divine guidance/inner voice/divine intuition. It has heavily weighted you down. Like a big bag of rocks you’ve been carrying or shackles around your hands, feet & body. Like a caged bird in a cage built of steel words that encase you & stop you from flying free.

It’s time to set yourself free & fly. It’s time to become the real you (the person you see yourself inside your mind).

Sarcastic (in a good way).

Let the inner you (who you truly are) free & let everyone see the real you in all your amazingly unique grace, glory & Sovereignty.

Don’t let anyone try to shackle you to the old beliefs of ‘who they think you are’ or ‘who they want you to be’. You’re not a copy. You’re one of a kind.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes (it’s how we learn, change & evolve).

Look at all those beautiful mosaics with all those thousands of broken pieces. Yet when put together they make a beautiful masterpiece.

Look at those broken porcelain cups put back together with gold.

You’ve got this & you’re gonna be ok.

Have faith in yourself.

Be your own supporter.

Cheer yourself on.

Give yourself praise on your achievements.

Love yourself fully. Mind Body & Soul.

Forgive your past behaviour, it’s not who you are becoming & it’s not who you are now in this present moment.

It’s time to live like it’s your 1st day alive.

Be Brave.
Be True.

You’re Amazing ο’–
You’re doing Amazingly ο’–

I Love You & I’m Proud Of You (Past, Present & Future) ο’–ο’œο’™ο’šο’›ο§‘β€


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