The Break Through Blog 03/06/2022

Sitting here listening to 90s music.

Feeling INsightful.

As you Grow & Evolve.

You’ll step into many different versions of yourself.

You’ll keep some qualities & you’ll leave behind what no longer aligns with you/your path/where you’re going.

I’ve been looking back at different past versions of me for a while (& at times i have been stuck in the ‘What If’ zone for a period of time/moments).

Unable to switch off & feeling restless.

‘Maybe i should have taken that chance, Can i go back in time, I should have gone for that job role, i should of moved there………….’

The list of What Ifs & regrets is an endless tunnel.

Yet as it’s behind you in the past, there’s no light there anymore.

As it’s not the direction you’re traveling in.

It’s only the Light you carry in your heart from feeling happiness, joy, love, excitement in those glowing embers of moments.

Memories you’ll hold close to your heart forever.

Moments that lit you up & you glowed/radiated from within.

Don’t be afraid of taking chances.

Fuck what people’s opinions might be.

Why live in a shadow of someone.

Take the chance.

Cause trust me, you’ll look back in years to come & realise, it’s the risks/chances that you didn’t take that really sting & leave an invisible scar on your heart & in your memory.

I didn’t take a few chances & missed out on a few opportunities in my life.

I realise nearly 20 years on that i could of made it & made an idea/dream come true if i only believed in myself to the fullest.

Followed my intuition & walked my own path.

My Spiritual inner child’s been screaming at me this week…….

(‘You used to love running… why aren’t you doing it?)

(‘You used to sing at the top of your lungs when you were a teen… Why aren’t you doing it?)

(‘You didn’t give a fuck about opening your mouth & telling jokes back then… Why aren’t you doing it now?)

(‘Why aren’t you creating like you used to do?’)

(‘Why aren’t you doing what you love in your life?’)

(Why aren’t you using your Divine Gifts?)

The loudest one is………..



Simple As!

Deep within……….

I feel I’m reaching that breakthrough moment where the shell/cocoon around me is going to break & it’s going to shatter & scatter all around like broken glass shards.

Some may imagine it as a Phoenix rising from the flames.

Someone spreading their angelic wings for the 1st time.

Taking the leap into the unknown.

A bird flying from an opened cage.

Shackles being removed from around your body.

No fear.
No opinions.
No fucks given.

Never be afraid of Who You Are on the inside.

We all have a version of ourselves who we keep hidden from the world.

Have you ever thought that………


The World.
Great Mother Gaia.

Needs that version of you to step into your divine Sovereignty & BEcome Who You Came Here To BE?………………

The Light IS/WAS ALways Within You.


You’re gonna do Amazing things.
You’re needed.
Keep going.





Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.

Much Love



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