Recurrent Feel-INgs Resurfacing Poem 04/06/2022

This is the one, i hope would never happen.
Never did i think, that we could break.
Tried so many times, i was mistaken.
That you could possibly be my next mistake.
Ups & downs.
Round & rounds.
We travelled through the years.
Yet as best as we tried.
We could never avoid the tears.
The banter became toxic.
The love dwindled away.
I honestly never thought.
I could ever feel this way.
Wanting to break free.
Wanting solitude.
However many times, we tried to work this out.
Foolishly we never really could.
You thought you were funny, when you played the wind up game.
I spent some of the money, to compensate the pain.
We became attached to our phones, and our connection withered away.
Never will i walk down the aisle with you & i doubt that will ever change.
We’re speaking different languages, we’re admiring different things.
You admire the wrestling on your phone, one of many things.
I see the beauty that lives beyond my door.
Sometimes i feel you talk to me, like a common whore.
I’ve given up trying.
I’ve finally admitted defeat.
Maybe it’s time we called it a day.
Spiritual Woman living with 4D…………………….



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