IF You’re Even Out There (Twin Flame) Poem 07/06/2022

*A poem about Twin Flames. I don’t even know if you exist or if i even have a twin flame. I’m trusting the Universe with this one. When you need me, You will find me.*.

Sitting here thinking & observing the feelings.
Spiritual awareness is ever endearing.
I don’t know if you’re out there.
Or if any dreams contain a deeper meaning.
I know 1 thing that is for sure.
You deserve happiness & so much more.
I know the TF phenomenon is very rare.
I will keep my distance, to prove i care.
By raising my vibrational frequency, i hope it raises yours too.
Step by step on the spiritual journey, even separately i know we’ll both pull through.
So I’ll sit, observe & calm the overthinking.
Won’t let curiosity start peeking.
You keep doing you.
I’ll keep doing me.
I hope one day.
We will each stay happy.
I don’t know if you’re out there.
Or if you even exist.
Is there a longing for someone, you’ve always missed?.
If the TF ideology is true…….
Then why would a soul choose to separate in 2?.
To live life, as 2 separate beings.
Yet long for their other half, not fully knowing the reasons.
I’m done reading too much into things, you can thank my Sun for that (Aquarius).
Spent too much time in my head.
Instead of living just as Kat.
When you need me, You will find me.
The Universe knows that truth.
But until that moment.
Always remember.
I AM divinely protecting YOU.


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