Calling ME In Poem 07/06/2022

I’m calling you in.
I’m bringing you back.
You & I are merging.
And that’s a fact.
A bond since the very beginning.
Although forgotten over lifetimes, never ending.
I AM you.
You are ME.
Forged in eternity.
Skills learned.
But never forgotten.
Buried deep within, the Subconscious.
Lifetimes we went through lessons galore.
When each one was mastered, we asked for more.
Coming back.
Again & Again.
To help Great Mother Gaia Ascend.
Now is the moment.
I need you more.
Merge with me & allow my wings to soar.
Help me remember.
Who i came here to be.
I seek the knowledge.
Yet you’re holding the key.
Divine Gifts are coming online.
Help me shift & master mine.
Higher Self i call to thee.
For I AM you.
You are ME.


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