Music Playing = I’M Working Blog 08/06/2022

Many may know the feeling………

Music playing.
Shifting gears faster without thinking.
Auto pilot.

Some may have even felt so in the zone that colours start to appear.

Some may feel they got to their destination faster than what they originally thought/planned.

For me………

It’s a regular occurrence.

Driving is where i do most of my thinking, dreaming & visualising.

The speed………

Sometimes you can feel a sort of rush/timeline jump.

When i used to run as a teen it was a similar feeling.

That rush.
Those emotions.
Being so focused yet so calm in an awake meditative state.

Truth is when I’m in that zone, that’s when i tend to create.

All 3 eyes are open.
Dreaming of a better moment.
Hoping for the best future of Humanity.
Visualising & sending positive energy.
Noticing the vivid vibrant colours of Great Mother Gaia.

So if you see me driving with a resting bitch face/a focused look on my face. Know that I AM mostly working in the zone.

And if you’re in the car with me & I’m in that high vibe trance.

Most importantly……….


There are many ways to shift the energies/frequencies.
The main thing is to set an intention.

Candle visualisation.
Water cleansing.
Saging/smoke visualisation.
Breathing exercises.
Blowing the air.

For example…….

Whilst driving home, i set an intention (i tend to make the words rhyme). I used breath work to work the magick. All 3 eyes open. Deep breaths in & out whilst focusing on the set intention.

I feel so much love & high vibes right now. Grateful, blissed & blessed.

As you learn & try techniques, you’ll find what best works for you.

After all there’s no set rule book/way to follow as we’re all unique.

Have an amazing day.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


3 thoughts on “Music Playing = I’M Working Blog 08/06/2022

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    Nice “torts, Kat
    Meow or is it miaow??

    At leat you can work and listen to music at the same, whilst I can’t walk and talk. And chewing gum whilst doing all those activitiies, multi-tasking would be a true miracle!

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