Look In My Eyes Poem 08/06/2022

I noticed my anger rising.
So stood still in 1 place.
I looked into the mirror, & lifted the veil on my face.
Under the angry veil, stood a woman drenched in tears.
I didn’t know how to stop the flood, but i knew how to soothe the tears.

“Look at me’, i said, in a soothing tone.
Listen to me carefully & know that you’re not alone.

For these emotions & thoughts you’re feeling. A brief moment full of pain.
Always remember you’re a fighter, the sun comes after the rain.

You are not your feelings.
You are not your thoughts.
Don’t get lost in stagnant water, for it contains allsorts.

Cry out the pain you’re feeling, as crying is a release.
Never stop flowing on your journey, for wonders never cease.

Feel your emotions, but don’t get stuck a friend once said.
Also remember, you’re not the low thoughts, that are circling in your head.

Look me deep in the eyes & see.
Search for the warrior, you were always born to be.

For she is deep within you, you can feel her in your veins.
That fire runs through you, like a phoenix never tamed.

Cry out the pain, but don’t remain.

Let your inner goddess come through.
For the world now needs Healers, and the call went out to you.

For you have come through much, in this life & the last.
You’re more aware than ever, that these low moments never last.

So when the last tear has fallen.

Take a look again & see.

You’re a warrior goddess & it’s time to embrace she.

I Love You


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