For My Little *L* Poem 11/06/2022

Sleepy sleepy.
Little head.
You’ve only just, awoke from bed.
Opening those baby blues.
A new day awaits with radiant hues.
That cheeky smile across your face.
Like a cherub full of grace.
What mischief will you cause today?.
Will it be painting or dolls you play?.
Running round from place to place.
Humming your song, in your safe space.
Picking flowers.
Saying hello to trees.
Beautiful soul.
Magick dancing with the leaves.
Eyes full of wonder.
Heart full of light.
Soul smiling.
A beautiful sight.
My little Sweetpea.
My little girl.
I hope you never outgrow your curls.
May you be un-tameable like the curls on your head.
May you always be divinely protected, with my love sacred.
I love you so.
Little wonder of mine.
May you grow in Love, Light & Abundance Divine.

I Love You *L*


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