Take The Leap Blog 17/06/2022

This week has been one where all I’ve learnt since my Spiritual Awakening Journey has been put into practice.

Like a baby bird spreading it’s wings & willing to take the leap of faith for the 1st time & fly.

I’ve realised when i put my total trust into the Universe & allow the Universe to catch me, the Universe does just that.

And while I’ve had the odd boundary trying to be crossed by others, i stood firm in my Sovereignty & said No.

I no longer need to justify my motives/life to others (like i felt i always had to whilst growing up, constant people pleaser mode, feelings of guilt sadness, overthinking & saying sorry for everything).

I’ve learnt the more i BEcome myself, the more the Universe shows me the divine wonders.

When i don’t go against the flow (try to control at times), the synchronisities come & they keep coming.

I Know.
I may not know how I Know, i just know.
I’m trusting that INner guidance.
That’s my Who I AM meant to BEcome shining through.
I’ve been listening IN more & more.
It’s an amazing feeling.

It’s also such a freeing feeling as I’m no longer relying on anyone (like 1 of my sisters said “you have the knowledge, you know, look withIN for the answers you seek, they are there.”.

Like a baby bird, the more i flap my wings, the more higher/faster/further i will fly.

How many times have we relied on others during our lives & taken their decision/opinion on even when our INner voice was screaming out like a kid in the class with their hand up
“Hello, i know the answer. Pick me!”.

Then once we take the decision which the other person suggested, we may have felt sad or like it was the wrong decision for us to take.

We’ve gone through the period of Searching (i found my soul sisters my tribe which I AM eternally grateful).

Now in these moments………

It’s time to Know.

Trust in your Divine INtuition.

Go within for the answers you seek.

It may take a few times for the answer to come through.

BE patient.

After all some of us may have spent years, not fully listening to our inner voice, so it might be no surprise that it may be a little hesitant coming through.

The more you trust yourself, the more of your divine sovereign self you will become.

Take the leap.

I have found in moments this week, that the more i BEcome who I AM meant to BE (who i came here to BE). The more I AM loving myself.

This week my body has been waking up early (no alarm).

I woke up at 5.30am today.

And right now in these moments, in this stillness & silence of a new day dawning. All i can hear is the sound of a clock ticking.

Yet as i listen more intently i can hear the stillness & wonder of a new day.

What will i be inspired to create today?.
Where will my feet wonder?.
The longing of sand & grass beneath my feet.
The urge to jump in the water/sea.

Focusing on my breath as i enjoy these moments of stillness & silence.


Just BE.

Take the leap.

Your Divine INtuition knows the way.

You know the way.

Embrace Who YOU Are.

You are love.
You are light.
You are divine.
You are sovereign.
You are not alone.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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