Tin Can Realisation Blog 24/06/2022

After living in a tin can (caravan) for a week.

I’ve come back with the strongest urge ever to de-clutter/let go of items & live minimistically.

Looking around at my home after coming back from holiday.

My home feels claustrophobic.


Small due to all the crap & clutter that occupies my home gathering dust.

I’ve learnt alot these past 2weeks.

Let Go…………….

Stop Holding On (if you read my previous blog you’ll know about the bird & the branch metaphor).

So in these early moments today i aim to declutter room by room.

And head off towards the local dump/charity shops eventually.

These past 2 weeks have made me want to live more & have less possessions.

Even though I’m home now, i miss the minimalist living of the tin can caravan.

I miss the space & the simplicity.

I miss the space of the room, the less areas to put crap & accumulate dust.

I miss the breathing space (less claustrophobic) fresher air.

I miss the pine wood & they sky blue hues of the front room.

I miss not having to navigate where my feet tread due to minimalist living quarters.

It’s come to the head on conclusion that i don’t need half the crap i live with/have at home.

And the desire for more space & less crap that occupies the area.

It makes me wonder………

How much have i brought over the years?
Only to throw it away a few months later.

How much have i kept with the thought of ‘oh I’ll wear that one day/when i fit into it’?. Keeping an item only because i like the look of it thus taking up space.


You could apply the same/similar approach to many areas of your life.

Whether it be what thoughts occupy your mind.

Who occupies your heart.

What/who occupies your time/space.

I’m beginning to understand the Less Is More Concept.

Less possesions.

Less doubt.

More Love Laughter Friends Family Joy Happiness Smiling.

After all………..

You only take Love when you pass on from this world………

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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