Sacred *My Personal Poem* 28/06/2022

Been patiently waiting, for you to give me a sign.
Been looking for guidance, from the Divine.
Felt moments of anxiety, and asked for peace.
Doing this practice, heart palpitations have ceased.
Been focusing on within, instead of without.
More i tune into me, the less i shout.
Overthinking, I’ve turned it right down.
Doing so, I’ve turned my life around.
Is what i emit.
No negative vibes, i won’t submit.
OBserve more, than i ABsorb.
Now i walk away, if someone is being a knob.
So chilled.
So calm.
So free.
I’m finally loving the woman, i was born to be.

Don’t ask me, where I’m going.
There is no map.
I won’t fall into, that overthinking the future trap.
Is a memory.
The future is before me.
Right, in this now moment.
I’m learning just to BE.
BE at peace, in the now moments.
BE joyful, at the love i carry within.
BE grateful, to Great Mother Gaia & all her surroundings.
Thankful to the lessons I’ve learnt & to the blessings that have been uncovered.
Triggers to Treasures, neatly stored on a cupboard.
I look back in Joy & Gratitude.
I go forward in Grace & Love.
Always knowing I AM Blessed.
From below.
And from above.
My mind, my body, my soul.
I AM never lacking, I AM always whole.

Full of Love.
Wrapped in Grace.
Universe please bless.
My Sacred Space.

Be Blessed in Divine Love & Light.
From my heart to yours.
Let Divine Love & Light Unite.


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