*18+ Explicit* Sacral Divine Feminine Goddess Poem 29/06/2022

*How do i write & word this without it being too explicit. For me this is 1 aspect of the Divine Feminine/Goddess. She’s fierce, fiery, dominant, powerful, sultry, seductive, mysterious, gentle, affectionate. She has a Goddess presence about her. When she’s in a particular mindset- She Dominates. She takes control of the situation at hand. That Divine Feminine power in all it’s Sacred & Divinity comes through.*

Take me to the edge by passionate kiss.
Keep me flowing in these moments of bliss.
Don’t let thoughts take you away from this.
I’ll hold you close next to my hips.
In this union of 2 souls.
As we merge together to become whole.
Hands entwined.
Bodies entangled.
Take me now in every angle.
Speed up.
Slow down.
Massage my curves.
Let your hands explore around.
Grab me.
Hold me close.
Keep up the momentum.
The climax is close.
My nails leave a mark.
A trail of temporary animalistic scars.
Carried away in moments of rough.
Bite me now.
I need to feel your touch.
You’ll know I’m in the zone.
When my hand starts to wonder.
To a particular zone.
When you see my inner Goddess come through.
You let out a pleasure grown.
Carried away in moments of pleasure.
Minutes or hours.
Neither of us could measure.
Pulling eachother close.
As we reach the peak.
Cuddling after & the closeness we seek.
Hearts beating.
Hormones released.
Comfort & chill.
Bond at ease.
Until next time.
Let me save up my energy.
Coz next time you’ll be pinned by my Goddess Energy.


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