Missing You Badly Poem 29/06/2022

I miss you like crazy.
Every single day.
I’m longing for you to tell me.
Everything’s gonna be ok.
Not a week has passed.
Where i don’t think of you.
Would you still be proud of me.
The way you used to.
I’m trying to navigate.
Life without you here.
I know you’re in Spirit.
Close & near.
The pain of your passing.
Has never gone away.
It lingers like a shadow.
On the coldest winter’s day.
Can you hear me speaking.
When i speak into space?.
Nothing has ever felt the same.
Since you departed this place.
In life i looked to you.
For comfort & support.
You always had the best advice.
And always kindest of thoughts.
I miss the smell of clementines at Christmas.
Coming from your room.
Even though you passed in your 90s.
It was still too soon.
I hope i have some of your strong Spirit.
Carried from your genes.
I hold on tight to my lineage.
When i feel I’m falling apart from the seams.
I know you’re always with me.
I know you’re never too far.
Like the brightest light in the sky.
My twinkling shining star.
I will carry you always.
Safe inside my heart.
For although you’re not here physically.
I know we’re never too far apart.

*I Love You*


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