Endings & BEginnings Poem 05/06/2022

*started this on Monday 04/07/2022, added abit in today’s moments & finished it tonight 05/07/2022. It might of gone abit off track*

I wonder……..
If the moon ever gets lonely, shining amongst the stars?.
How is it even possible to feel lonely, when you’re amongst so many others.
Up on a peddlestool, silently thinking, alone.
Wondering if i should branch out.
Or sit here fixed as stone.
Why am i feeling lonely?.
I have no clue you see.
For even when i am amongst others.
I feel there is something missing, deep within me.
The feeling of not fitting in.
The countless worry & doubt.
Time to look deep within.
Instead of lacking from without.
A time of trial & tears.
Is on the horizon i see.
For i cannot keep running.
From the shadow work in me.
Without hesitations.
Going in deep.
Straight to the core.
I’m not coming up this time.
I need to clear more & more.
Keep up this momentum.
Keep at this steady pace.
For the more deeper i clear within me.
The more I’ll clear this sacred space.
Getting to the roots.
That run deeper than my blood.
Searching for the inner fire.
Of who i once was.
Trying to avoid the detours of old behaviour.
That were merely a plastic plaster.
Never truly healed traumas.
Emotional disaster after disaster.
They were right.
I do need to focus on me.
I can’t keep jumping from place to place.
Scattering my energy.
I really don’t want to be in stagnant waters.
Facing my own shadow.
As the more i stare it out.
The more i feel it’s own deep sorrow.
I can’t stay here for long.
For i feel i will sink.
Sink into depression.
Not finding the answers which i seek.
I need to grow.
Yes i fully agree.
Get deep into my Divine infinity.
My core.
My root.
My heart.
For these tangled vines & branches around my feet.
Have never carried me too far.
The rocks on my back.
Have felt heavier every mile.
It’s time i launched a few.
Each one releasing in love.
Hoping i will last in this lighter new lifestyle.
Letting go.
Allowing myself to be free.
And ultimately……..
Finally come back to me.
I won’t rush the healing that must take place.
I will take this in my own time & at my own pace.
I would rather heal fully.
Than skip to the end.
It’s time to heal my broken heart.
And fully allow it to mend.
Broken connections.
Scattered in different directions.
Like leaves in a whirlwind.
We all grew apart.
Now it’s time for a new chapter.
A fresh start.
You will always be in my heart.
So farewell.
So long.
Keep moving forward in all your lives.

Love, Light, Gratitude.

Thank You for the lessons & Thank You for the blessings.


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