Stepping Out Of & Stepping Into Poem 06/07/2022

In a state of flow.
Learning new ways of letting go.
Patterns noticed.
New path planned.
Ready to spread my wings.
And wonder where I’ll land.
Shifting energies.
Lifting frequencies.
Lightening the load.
I carried within me.
I’ve been stagnant for far too long.
It’s time to write my new chapter song.
Where these feet will tread.
Only my heart knows.
I’m finally letting go of past pain, trauma & sorrows.
Breathing in each moment.
Like a breath of fresh bliss.
Sure there’s some along the way who i will miss.
I’ll carry the knowledge, the wisdom, the joy.
I’ll carry what I’ve learned on this voyage of me.
I’ll carry the love, the light & much more.
I’m no longer afraid to open new doors.
I’ll work on my craft.
I’ll continue to work on me.
Why take looks back at negativity.
Some things didn’t work.
And that’s ok.
I’ve learnt alot along the way.
Old patterns should they resurface.
I’ll see & nip them in the bud without a second chance notice.
I want to grow.
I want to heal.
I want to move forward.
And not to dwell.
This is the time.
These are the moments.
Mindful moving.
Looking at all directions.
I walk in peace.
I come from love.
I’ll ask for guidance from above.
I will grow.
And eventually thrive.
I will be free from my own negative vibes.
No more overthinking that ship has sailed.
I move on in Knowing.
A lesson is never failed.
I don’t lack.
I attract.
My affirmations will be light.
I’ll remember I AM worthy.
I will kindle my inner might.
Lessons & Blessings.
Go hand in hand.
Entwined as one.
Like a woven band.
For in these small moments.
Writing this poem.
I’m slowly BEcoming.
The woman i was born to be.
In love & light i go.
No more negativity.
Stepping out of.
Stepping into.
A new chapter i weave.
Wisdom etched on my heart.
Knowledge carved onto my sleeve.
Love felt in every breath.
Walking positively in every step.
A time of healing.
A time of renewal.
A new earth is dawning.
No more stagnant standing still.

Be Brave.
Be True.
Be You.


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