Morning Moments Poem 12/07/2022

Let me lie here.
Down on the ground.
Closer to Mother Earth.
Let me listen to the sound.
Allow me to have this moment.
Allow me to lay here.
Whilst i transform the energies from hate anger & fear.
Allow my tears to flow.
Whilst they cleanse the soul.
Transforming from Dark to Light.
Neither is ever separate.
For they are always whole.
Allow me to rest.
Comfy in my bed.
For i have been running miles & miles.
All around in my head.
Is the goal.
Never to repeat the same lessons.
From so long ago.
I’m transforming & relearning.
Everything i ever knew.
I’m trying with all my will & might.
Itching for that breakthrough.
I’m lonely.
I’m exhausted.
I’m tired.
Indeed it’s true.
Transforming energies for the many.
Not just for the few.
I’m my cocoon of solitude.
Is where i dwell most days.
Observing any negative vibes.
And blocking them along the way.
I never thought I’d feel this way.
Alone all on my own.
Yet i am learning my lessons faster & faster.
As each new moment dawns.
This tiredness fatigue.
I manifested all for me.
For i have been in a low cycle.
For longer than it seems.
A week has turned to a month.
Sluggish & slow.
Some days I’ve been up.
Some days I’ve been low.
Some days I’m too drained to feel.
Some moments i don’t want to.
But regardless of my feelings.
Carry on i have to.
Waking up with bright new view.
Which timeline am i in today?.
Each moment it renews.
So keep your vibes high.
Hold a smile on your face.
For your destiny is in your hands.
You are never far from Grace.

Be Blessed.


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