Simply Chilling Blog 25/07/2022

Hiya everyone.

I know i haven’t blogged in a while.

I’ve been taking time out to get to know myself.

Hibernating so to speak.

I’ve had a few rocky moments where my frustration would come through, yet I’ve also seen some wonderful sights whilst travelling in Great Mother Gaia.

Moments similar to an up & down YoYo.
But not as crazy as a few weeks ago (when i was feel-in-g like i was going through mild depression).

I’ve been doing alot of healing & digging through each layer of emotions that have been popping up.

I knew i didn’t wanna stop going through the layers.
I didn’t stop working through them.
& i feel alot more grounded & stronger in MYself whilst taking each step.

I feel alot more……..
And genuinely comfortable & comforted in my own skin.

I don’t want to lose this inner peace I’ve found.
I’m very guarded & protective about maintaining this peace & tranquility I’ve found after what feels like so long in darkness (depression).

It’s crazy what a month-6weeks can do.

It’s been a whirlwind of lessons & blessings all mixed together in a restless hurricane of emotions & behavioural patterns.

It’s truly an amazingly wonderful experience to find yourself after so long. And to fully & truly rely on yourself (you’re your own cheerleader/motivator so to speak).

I’m approachable.
Not accessible.

I’m really liking & loving this new found inner peace.

And I’m reluctant to be around people/anything that could possibly shake up that peaceful foundation i have found.

I’ve also been cleansing myself (most nights when i remember to) & calling back my energy.

Blocking out negative vibes/gossip/things that do not resonate has been like turning off a radio when noise comes on that you simply don’t want to hear.
No emotion, no response, no energy exchange.
Just switching off & or changing the channel.

Apart from a few eye rolls (exercise for the eyes 😂).

I’m loving this stage/evolution step where I’m at.

It’s Peaceful.
It’s Fun.
It’s Calm.
It’s Creative.
It’s like I’ve found common ground & past interests with my Inner Child.

The connection is strong & stable.

Simply chilling.

And marvelling in the beautiful amazing wonders of Great Mother Gaia.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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