Quick Instagram Soul Level Blog 14/08/2022

I See You dear one.

I know you’ve been working diligently & hard on yourself behind the solitude & isolation.

Transforming & changing the popping up negative energies within you as well as the chaos in the world & Evolving them into something beautiful, light & dazzling.

I know you feel just as you’ve cleared & cleansed 1 cycle, you’re straight back to working on another one.

I See You.
I Feel You.
I Know How Wondrous & BEautiful You Are.
I Admire You.
I AM Grateful to You.

I know you’ve been healing yourself, releasing traumas & clearing stagnant & trapped energy from your lineage.

I know you’re taking this precious & important time to healing yourself 1000000%. As you know you came here to heal others when the time to do so approaches.

You’ll instinctively know when that is as your divine soul knows the plan & the DNA blueprint you came with will send messages/signals.

This time in isolation was needed to ignite you into remembering who you came here to BE.

To reconnect with your inner child & the innocence & light that is carried within.

You are now Mothering/Fathering that inner child with your Who You Are at Present. You are equally teaching, reminding & remembering. You are evolving in unison as each moment passes.

Child- you refuse to hurt others.
Adult- you stand up & protect.

The duality of both will be the foundation of Who You Came Here To Be.

As the merging takes place you will rise like a phoenix from the ashes & you will take your place.


I see you. I feel you. I Love You.



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