A Little Story Blog 23/08/2022

I’m lying in bed as I’m writing this.

I had no intention of blogging, yet it was such a beautiful moment i wanted to share it.

It’s 21.36 (9.36pm) as I’m writing this where i am in the world/Great Mother Gaia.

So I’m lying in bed, cuddling into the duvet & something catches my eye.

My tattoo.

I’ve had the tattoo so long that i hardly notice it anymore.

However in these sombre, silent moments. Whilst the Himalayan salt lamp is glowing in the corner off my bedroom.

I marvel at the tattoo that i got so many years ago.

You see, very few know this story of why i got the tattoos & what these particular 2 tattoos symbolise for me.

So i will tell the story………….

2012 was an absolute shit year for me. Severe depression, anxiety & moments where i thought i wasn’t going to make it through (suicidal thoughts), feelings of deep loss, sorrow & uncertainty.

2012 was 1 of the lowest periods/chapters of my life. At the time i didn’t think i would make it (suicidal thoughts & low moments of self harm- not noticeable to anyone unless i confided in someone at the time).

It was a dark chapter like you’re in a deep dark pit in pitch black darkness or you’re in a dark forest full of twists & turns with no path/light in sight to follow.

I went through a whirlwind of emotions in that period of my life.

At the near end of 2012 i decided I’d had enough of those moments of suicidal thoughts. So i thought I’d do something about it.

I decided to get each of my arms tattooed in a place where i would normally be tempted to hold a blade/knife to when i felt at my lowest (suicidal thoughts).

1 tattoo is inked with the word Stronger.

The other tattoo is inked with the word Believe.

My reasons for choosing those 2 words were a personal reminder to me to keep going.

Now nearly 10years since getting those tattoos, i look at them in amazement.

I look back at that young woman (who i used to be) & I’m glad she didn’t give up.

I look at my body in wonder & gratitude for renewing each day even days in the past when i felt i didn’t measure up to others (body image).

My body is still beautiful & strong (even after years of racing emotions & ups & downs).

I know they say the soul is immortal & the body is temporary.

Yet i am so glad to have mine.
My ‘flaws’ are my uniqueness.
In these moments I’m glad at the times i felt i didn’t fit in.
And I’m glad i didn’t go through major surgery (double jaw surgery) just to fit in with my peers at school.

Why be a copy?.

When you can be a rarity/unique.

To who reads this………..

I’d like you to take a moment & look how far you’ve come in life.

Look at your accomplishments.
Look at the obstacles you’ve overcome.
Look at every beautiful line, scar & ‘flaw’.
Look at how beautiful you are.
Look how far you’ve come & evolved.
All those tears you’ve cried when no one was around.
All those moments (big & little) that have made you smile.
The moments where you could take a deep breath & feel at peace.
The wonders you see in Great Mother Gaia & the sounds.

For me i love sunsets, sunrises, looking up at the moon & stars & listening to the rain dancing on the ground.

Moments of gratitude.
Moments of love & light.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.

You BEautiful divine Sovereign BEing.


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