Mindful Mind/Beloved Body/Sacred Soul Blog 01/09/2022

In this morning’s moments i felt sad, low, stagnant in a particular pattern which I’m sure many have been through/felt (money worries).

I had to venture out today to get my car tyres checked as i suspected 1 of the tyres had a slow puncture (i didn’t sleep well lastnight due to the building worry & was awake at 3am for an hour as i couldn’t get back to sleep).

When i got to the tyre place i was told my 2 front tyres were on the minimum tyre tread depth & with a looming MOT approaching if they weren’t changed the car would fail the MOT.

So 2 new (low end) tyres needed to be fitted & purchased.

I guessed below £40 per tyre, however they were less than £60 each. Which i thought was reasonable as it’s a reputable company & I’d been going there for tyres for over 15years.

On the way back, i still felt i couldn’t shift that low vibe that I’d been in even when the problem was resolved. Even my partner was worried as when those low low moods creep in i tend not to eat/sleep well.

Stress/anxiety with me tends to build up like a pressurised bottle has been shaken & ready to explode.

Another cycle which needs healing & releasing.

Whilst i was driving, i was thinking about my life & then my magick number appeared & it reminded me of who I AM on a soul level. Tears started to come to my eyes in gratitude to the Universe as i really needed that reminder of who I AM in those low ebb moments. I’ve seen those *kick up the arse* numbers twice today & whenever i see them i smile. As well as the usual angel numbers i see. My *kick up the arse* numbers are special/sacred to me.

The Universe is always speaking to you if you have the eyes to see *3* when all 3 eyes are open that’s when the magick happens. I frequently talk to the Universe (in these moments contemplating whilst i sit in the sun opposite a fast food van which i won’t eat from, i think i talk to the Universe more than i talk to most people).

Even loved ones in Spirit which i know our bonds are unbreakable & unshakeable.

I realised in yesterday’s moments, that unless something brings me joy/happiness that there’s no point doing it. How many times have i said Yes to something when really my intuition was screaming No. So much energy/time wasted on things (whether they be petty rows, gossip, bitchiness, moments of anger/frustration etc). How much have those low moments had an effect on my body?. How much stress has been put onto my body as well as within (hormones & the body chemicals/stress receptors).

You can tell when someone hasn’t had enough sleep from the dark circles under their eyes. Low emotions from within can cause symptoms/signs on the body some are visible & some are not (sometimes you see a Dr when something feels off).

In these moments, i feel called to say.

Please look after your mental health. A brief moment of stress can have unseen lasting effects on the body.

You fix & maintain your car/home/garden regularly. Well your body is your soul’s home & the only time you exit it is when you pass on.

So i urge you in these moments whilst i sit writing this.

Please look after yourself. You’ve only got the Divine Body you were born here in.

Look after it.
Embrace every scar your body healed.
Embrace every stretch mark (Ladies- your tiger mama scars are beautiful. You were a home to a beautiful soul. Be immensely proud of that honour as you were chosen to be a portal to new souls to Great Mother Gaia).
Nurture & Nourish your body.

Take time out to pamper yourself (i don’t just mean pamper days at a spa. I mean eating that exotic fruit/veg melody. Going for that refreshing nature walk where you only need to follow where your feet take you. Visit the beach, feel the sand beneath your feet & cleanse your aura in the cleansing sea.).

Detox your life (whether it be clutter & crap, negative nellies, gossiping jibber jabber jabberwockys, BS chatting blubbermouths & gobbermouths).

Look after your health as well as your mental health.

Emotions/thoughts are created in the mind & felt throughout the body. Remember Emotions/Thoughts are fleeting, yet if not released can be trapped & stagnant in the body & can manifest into physical symptoms in the body (Eg lack of sleep can manifest into dark circles under the eyes).

If you wish to delve deeper i recommend the works of Medical Medium, Dr Sebi particularly the alkaline diet, aswell as the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique/Therapy) by Dolores Cannon.

As some are aware Dolores Cannon’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth really helped me when i first started my Spiritual Awakening Journey.

When you first wake up it can feel like a tsunami of information non stop & it can feel overwhelming. After reading Dolores Cannon’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth it really put my anxiety at ease.

Please look after yourself.

You matter.
You are needed.
You are loved.
You are strong.
You’ve got this.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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