Evolving In Each Moment Blog 07/09/2022

Whilst i was driving this came to me.

Your belief in your self needs to be stronger than anyone else’s opinions of you.

Whether that be past or present opinions.

You need to fully allow yourself to believe in yourself above all adversities or perceptions.

You deserve to be happy.

You are allowed time to yourself.

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

Rise above every mistake you’ve ever made.

Rise above all negative self talk in your head.

Rise above other people’s perceptions & opinions of you.

Allow yourself to break the mould of another person’s stereotypical version of you. For the version they have of you in their mind, doesn’t exist 9times out of 10.

You are not who you were yesterday.

In today’s moments you’ll evolve & be a new version of you in each & every moment.

Tomorrow you’ll be a brand new version & so on.

Moments will change you.

Your perception of who you are will change, aswell as your surroundings & those around you.

What you used to tolerate, you’ll no longer feel aligned to.

Moments of pattern off the tongue words like “oh it’s cool, don’t worry, etc”. Passive behaviour, you’ll break the cycle.

You’ll be approachable, yet not as easily accessible like you used to be.

You’ll have no interest in arguing & will walk away to keep your inner peace.

Silent eye rolls will turn into a blank expression when something doesn’t resonate with you.

You’ll lose interest on socialising with others not on your vibrational frequency. Whether they be family, friends or work colleagues.

Some may go into hermit mode whilst they work on projects that their soul is calling them to do.

Whilst others may find solitude in simply being & sitting in silence & peace.

For me i noticed a few cycles pop up in yesterday’s moments aswell as today’s. I noticed in yesterday’s moments, that in fact i didn’t want to be so accessible with the “ok it’s ok” passive attitude.

And in today’s moments, i felt i didn’t need to go over & chat when infact the discussion i had no interest in. I went away feeling a simple “Hi” would of sufficed, instead of listening blankly to a discussion i had no interest in nor was it any of my business. The blank expression on my face was also felt by my intuition. The echoing call of “They’re not on your frequency” and the sadness of “You can’t save everyone”.

A healer’s work is never done. As in every moment whether positive or negative we’re switching, transforming & shifting the energies.

In yesterday’s moments i was reminded that whatever negative emotion that pops up within me, was something that needs healing.

I don’t look at negative emotions in a low vibrational mindset anymore.

“Why is this happening to me?”.

Instead it’s…….
“What’s this trying to teach me?.
“What’s popping up that needs healing?.
“Have i felt these emotions before?”
“Is this a cycle that needs breaking?”

I will also listen to the signs & signals my body tells me.

“Am i getting enough sleep?”.
“Am i getting enough nutrients/vitamins?”.

One things for sure over these last 24hours.

I have no desire to fit or socialise with those not on my frequency.

Even my sex life has done a 360° turn.

I’m no longer trying to match energies anymore.

Instead I’m more focused than ever on my own energy.

And lately especially it’s more valuable to me than diamonds & gold.

Those who are on the same frequency as you will gravitate towards you like a magnetic energy pull.

You’ll be drawn to them & long to spend time with them.

How do you know who’s on your frequency?.

It’s like the feeling of coming home whenever you see them.

And no matter how long you haven’t seen them, it’s like no time has passed.

I’m lying on my bed after getting back from a food shop, listening to the wind & the pigeons cooing outside my bedroom window.

I’m rested & could quite happily take a nap.

The silence & solitude in these moments is beautiful & peaceful.


Where your focus goes, energy flows.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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