Evolving Introvert Blog 09/09/2022

~*By my breath i do decree, raise the 5d frequency.
What’s not in alignment let it leave.
Raise the 5D frequency*~

I’ve realised in moments today that some are not on my frequency no matter how much i wish they could be.

I found myself in moments today were i felt i didn’t wish to respond & longed for moments of silence.

It’s strange how quickly one’s vibration can go from a high vibration to a low one, merely by listening/being around someone when they’re feeling negative vibrational frequencies.

I instantly had to shield myself in a bubble of light on the journey & focus on my music playing as i didn’t want to respond or get drawn into the anger that the individual was feeling.

When i was on my own in moments after the low frequency encounter.

I pondered & wondered on the matter.

Mainly because i was curious as to whether i was triggered & needed healing or fully realising that particular relationship was not on the same vibrational frequency (2 different people).

I began to wonder if the individual’s qualities & desires would fit into the 5D New Earth.

Or would the individual cling onto the old Earth systems & set ups.

Sadly some systems i wasn’t sure the individual would prefer the new changes that the 5D New Earth would offer & it saddened me to feel that maybe, just maybe that they would choose to stay behind in the old systems than change & shift into the New Earth systems/evolution.

On the journey home, i was asked if i was ok?.

My reply was “I’m tired”.

Truth is i didn’t feel like talking.
I didn’t feel like responding.
I felt like driving, thinking & looking at the sky/clouds.

I was tired in those moments.
I was tired of listening to moaning without a sought after solution.
I was tired of hearing anger in the individual’s voice.
I was tired of hearing the negative words coming from their mouth.
I was tired of ‘the same old same old’ circle.
And i didn’t want to get drawn into it like i had in the past (gossip, bitching, etc).

I’d just had enough.

I longed to get home.
I longed for quiet.
I longed for silence & serenity.

The silence of my mind when i got home was blissful.
I was home.
I was in my own space.

I spoke to my partner about the relationship with the individual.

Truth is I’d had a feeling/knowing for a while that things were changing (frequencies).

Yet it made me saddened to fully acknowledge it when i so hoped for change/evolution.

I wasn’t even trying trying to wake them up this is the thing.

It was the behavioural cycles that I’d seen so many times & I’d had enough.

I did think to myself, does the individual wish for a solution or do they merely wish to bitch/moan?.

I didn’t want nor wish to respond after the “I’m tired”.

I wished for home & silence.

In those moments when I’m with individual’s on a low frequency (behaviours, situations etc).

I long to listen to the sound of the rain, the crashing of the waves against a sandy shore or the sound of silence & serenity.

I also fully realised how my own past behaviour cycle of co-dependancy could have also triggered others & i acknowledged that they probably felt exactly how i felt today.

Frustrated & not wanting to talk/respond.

I feel i might go into hermit mode for the next few days to merely recalibrate myself & find my sense of calm/ peace again.

Evolving introvert if you will.

On the other hand, it’s got me thinking………

If the cycles in regard to the individual carry on & cease to change.

Do i need to set a boundary or merely keep my distance/self to myself as much as possible?.

What are your thoughts?.

I will leave the blog there as it is getting late.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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