Awoken Warrior Blog 11/09/2022

I woke up today & felt like the energies had shifted.

I felt like a warrior.

The energies felt lighter.

I had a shower & felt refreshed.

I realised in today’s earlier moments, that not many people know the real me.

There’s only about 5 individuals i can be truly open with.

As some might not understand what I’m saying & misinterpret the meaning.

It’s a surreal feeling to acknowledge that not many know you & who you are deep inside.

Some individuals get the silent/timid version of me.
Some get the loud mouth/crazy/sarcastic version of me.
Some still have a version of me who no longer exists.

Maybe waking up today & feeling in a reflective mood.

It might be down to the dream i had last night of a relative.

Yes we grew up today & they may think that they know me.

The truth is, they don’t.

They don’t know who I’ve BEcome these past few years.

They don’t know who I AM anymore.

They hold a version of me in their mind with old behavioural cycles attached to that particular version whether good or bad.

They hear about me through stories/gossip other individuals tell them (and most of the time, people are only interested in the negative gossip so they can look down at someone & judge/criticise/ridicule etc) depending which vibrational frequency they’re on.

Some may even think, that they know you better than you know yourself.

In regards to me………..

I know Who I AM.

I know Who I AM on a deeper level (soul level) & i know my divine power (which each of us carry within).

I’m in tune with my body & I’m still learning to change/evolve my mindset.

In later moments today i could tell i was getting coaxed into a row. I stared blankly & said i didn’t want to respond.

I knew this person was looking for an argument & i didn’t want my vibrational frequency going down.

So it got to the point at which i walked out as i knew tension was building & the person i was walking away from had a mindset for pointless rows.

I was followed by the particular person.

I didn’t want to argue/row.

I was standing in my Sovereignty & keeping my distance & for a moment i felt my Spiritual side/higher self made an appearance.

I didn’t want to go round in another pointless behavioural cycle.

So another boundary was set.

A boundary called distance.

It was sad to acknowledge in those moments, that no matter how hard you try.

Some people will never change & some may never change their negative view they hold of you.

I spent so many years trying to please this person & be accepted by them.

No matter what i done, it was never good enough.

I was labelled by them & that label will likely stick in their mindset forever.

I’m done trying to please people.

I walked away knowing I’d broken 1 of my own personal behavioural cycles today & it felt liberating.

I knew i was on the right path.

I spent the rest of the day chilling & relaxing.

Listening & BEing in tune with my own body.

It’s moments like these that make me appreciate the beautiful BEings i do have in my life.

The one’s i can talk to about anything whether Spiritual or normal & not feel like an outsider/outcast.

You see.

A Sovereign BEing is has many layers.

Like a ripple in water.

Some are closest to you.

Whilst others are further away from you.

Some get close enough to see the real you.

Whilst some only think that they truly know you by the opinions of you they have in their mind.

I’m more protective than ever of who i allow closest to me.
I’m more protective of my energy & peace of mind.

In the coming moments/months i feel i will be distancing myself more (my inner peace will be paramount), doing more inner work/shadow work, setting more firm boundaries, being more silent & reacting less.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Rest & maintaining high frequencies whilst working on shadow work/inner work/healing.

So chilled in these moments after lastnights Harvest Moon.

Lately over the past month I’ve really enjoyed the silence & serenity moments.

I’ve actually enjoyed not opening my mouth & responding πŸ˜…πŸ₯±.

Whether it be having no interest in a conversation/gossip which was none of my business, listening to someone vent, hearing something on the radio & switching it off, not reacting to road rage etc.

Resting bitch/blank face has become the norm for me these past few weeks πŸ˜…. Alongside the occasional head nod or verbal “meh” vocal sound.

You’d think some people would appreciate it when my gobber/motor mouth was closed πŸ˜…πŸ€£

If I’m silent, it’s because I’m genuinely tired, my mind’s somewhere else up in the clouds or i don’t see the point of adding my energy to the situation.

When there’s chaos around in the world.

Finding & genuinely feel-IN-g your inner peace/calm is paramount.

Stress kills the immune system.
The immune system fights dis-ease.
Listen to your body.
If your mind is running riot & you can’t switch off.
Deep breath work can help to calm.

Yawning releases energy (pent up heart energy *correct me if I’m wrong).

I will leave the blog there as I’m currently yawning & could happily take a nap.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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