Sexual Ju-Ju & The Chakras Blog 18/09/2022

Right we’ve heard about healing the Inner Child.

And in my past blog

We spoke about Sexual Energy.

Yet no one seems to talk about the trapped energy from having numerous sexual partnerships.

Think about how many people you’ve slept with?.

Now think about how many people your sexual partner has slept with?.

How much energy from your sexual partner as well as their sexual encounters are you carrying around in your Sacral chakra without consciously knowing?.


And if not properly released it can cause issues.

Ever picked up a bad vibe that you can’t place your finger on where or why you feel like that?.

If you’re an Empath/Empathic you’ll understand what i mean.

There’s also the sexual stereotypes where men are seen as studs if they’ve had X amount of sexual partners.

Yet women are stereotyped as slags for having X amount of sexual partners.

Negative unreleased energy can cause the chakras to be blocked & physical ailments to be seen/felt in the body.

How do you unblock them?.

Sexual energy is stored in the Sacral Chakra (Orange centre above the Red Root Chakra).

Some methods of unblocking the charkas.

*Salt bath (dead sea salt or pink Himalayan rock salt).
*Dancing (can release energy especially if you shake your Booty *Root* chakra).
*Movement (whether it be going for a run, exercising, jumping around, yoga etc).
*Visualisation & breath work.
*Writing (you can write a letter to yourself of what you wish to release & then burn it.) Or you can write down how you feel daily in a diary/journal. Sometimes it might seem alot easier than talking to someone by writing everything out (it can feel like a release).
*Grounding (bare foot) & sun gazing (no sunglasses).
*Essential oils can help (lemon i found is very uplifting as well as wild orange).

When you take a step back & have a look at how much time & energy you’ve wasted/lost (whether it be on pointless worrying, petty rows etc).

You’d be surprised how much we reacted with so much energy when really we really didn’t need to respond or react at all.

Ever felt so drained after a heated argument?. That’s because you gave so much of your energy to it & now your body is feeling the result of all those emotions you felt & energy/power you gave away. When really if you’d taken a different approach you might of seen/felt a different outcome.

All energy is precious.

Be careful & mindful of who/what you give your energy to.

For me personally, i won’t sleep with my other half if his mouth has been running too much (talking to me like shit, the tone of his voice -sometimes there’s the hint of teenage whining- etc).

It’s like “just because I’ve been with you X amount of years, doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop my draws for you. If your energies off something needs healing & releasing. And that’s for you to sort & me to be there for you whilst you take some time to heal & release”.

I pick up the tone in someone’s voice before i listen to what they’re saying. Another form of energy reading πŸ˜‰.

Remember where your focus goes, energy flows.

Be mindful.

Your divine energy is precious.


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