Stepping Stone Blog 18/09/2022

Lying here in bed contemplating my Spiritual Awakening Journey.

I remember when i 1st awoke that i used to follow a few channels on social media. And when i say i used to follow them, i used to watch their new release videos every week & even had reminders set.

However over the course of my journey, I’ve learned to trust what comes to/pops up from my own intuition.

For me it was seek out the other likeminded souls as when you 1st awaken it can feel crazy & very daunting to venture out down numerous rabbitholes & navigate what’s truth from what’s bs.

When you find your tribe of beautiful beings it’s a surreal feeling & experience as it’s like coming home. Those beautiful connections are what i cherish & admire. For me there’s a deep connection there that expands deeper than time, space & the wonders of the Universe. I couldn’t imagine my life without those 4 beautiful beings & i am so grateful to each of you for the beautiful experiences, insights, knowledge & wisdom i have learned. You’ve each helped me to evolve as each trigger became unearthed to become a treasure.

To the reader reading this the reason i wrote this blog was to highlight the truth to find your own path.

I AM grateful that you’ve found my blogs helpful & insightful. Yet please do find your authentic truth & trust your divine intuition.

The more you go within yourself to heal & release past behavioural cycles/patterns/traumas. The more you’ll become lighter by unloading the rocks & unshackling yourself from all that no longer resonates with you.

For me over these past few months, alot has changed.

I used to feel lonely & unwanted as my circle was getting smaller (whether it be school friends, family etc) from people leaving my circle (walking out of my life). It really used to bug me as i felt I’d done something wrong & felt i needed to fix things (people pleaser). Then came the cycle of victimhood & abandonment.

At the end of the tunnel & broken cycles. I found me. I found my own strength to stand alone. Those beautiful individuals that stayed, i maintained the connection to, nurtured the bonds & strengthened.

Even those who i felt i was drifting from started to awaken & come back. That’s when i knew the Universe had meant for them to be part of my circle.

Yeah i have days where I’m silent & observing. I still have moments where i think “does the person want to bitch or do they want/seek a solution?”. I still have boundaries which i think “do i really want to give my energy to this?”.

I’m also alot more aware of my vibrational frequency in each moment & whom i allow access to my energy (I’m approachable not accessible).

Cherish those beautiful bonds with your tribe, trust your divine intuition (it is your soul compass in navigating this sometimes crazy chaotic world).

And remember *fundamentally* if someone is saying they’re spreading the word of light *ask your divine intuition & feel deep within yourself for guidance*.

Because believe it or not there’s alot of BS in the spiritual community (dark dressing as light to misguide the many). The dark wants to throw you off your path to the light so they can harness your energy & keep you trapped in the matrix (debt slave etc).

The only way out is going within yourself for the answers you seek as you hold the divine blueprint deep within your BEing.

You were born with it.

Trust yourself.
Connect with your divine intuition.
Heal & release what no longer resonates within yourself.
Drink water.
Meditate if you feel to do so.
Eat healthy.

My blogs are merely a stepping stone to help you on your own divine Spiritual Awakening Journey.

What resonates with me, might not resonate with another. Which is cool as we’re all on our own paths/soul missions.

Remember where your focus goes, energy flows.

It’s ok, you CAN trust yourself.
You’re ready to fly.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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