Light Shift Blog 26/09/2022

Can you feel it?.

The lightness in the air.

The warrior’s triumphant roar.

The buzz.

The feel-in-g to celebrate & dance from Dusk til Dawn.

I feel there has been a Shift.

For all those who have…….

Worked through & enlightened their Shadow (shadow work).

Dived deep within their inner healing.

Battled & swam through their tears & made it to the sandy shore.

I commemorate you beautiful BEing.

You walking through your darkness with grace & light has left glowing foot steps for others to follow.

You’ve set boundaries.

You’ve hibernated.

You’ve been very selective in whom you share your energy with & whom you socialise with.

You’ve observed.

You’ve put your hands up & said “No!” When someone has tried to engage with you in lower frequencies (anger, gossip, bitching etc) & You’ve kept your vibrational frequency high.

You’ve spoken & responded less unless it’s in the high frequencies of Love, Laughter, Joy, Happiness, Excitement, etc.

You’ve danced barefoot & grounded. Your high vibrational frequency has been felt by Great Mother Gaia like little ripples has been felt all over the world like little bright glowing embers felt by all those who exist on Great Mother Gaia.

You may have had recurring past traumas/emotions popping up & instead of responding in old behaviours you’ve broken the pattern/cycle.

You’ve let go of attachments.
After all everything is borrowed in this life even the bodies we are born into eventually turn to dust.
In acknowledging this you may feel more inspired to take more joy & gratitude in the moments that bring you happiness & gracefully brush off the moments that temporarily lower your vibrational frequency.

You may have turned your focus to yourself.
To work, nurture & nourish yourself.
Tenaciously & tenderly giving yourself the love, joy, support & encouragement that you normally give others.
You may have been Approachable not Accessible during that brief hermit mode solitude vacation/holiday.

Animals are attracted to you.
Bees, butterflies, cats, dogs, birds may have allowed you closer to them as you both acknowledge eachother as beautiful divine sovereign BEings.

The skies look brighter & the colours more vivid.

The Sun seems more approachable for staring contests & had a beautiful glowing aura of colours.

The air/breeze feels fresher & clearer.

As for the Moon (i haven’t seen it in weeks).

Some may feel & know a change has taken place yet not know why.

Embrace the divine gift of Knowing.

You’re Shifting.
You’re Changing.
You’re Evolving.

You’re a divine sovereign warrior.

I love you.

Be Blessed.

I hope you have an amazing week.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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