Triggers, Treasures & Gold Blog 26/09/2022

Had a chat with a friend today.

She said to me “You’re so on the ball”.

I replied that i didn’t want to be.

And it got me thinking…..

Whilst i like helping people out when i can, i don’t always want to be relied upon. Neither do i wish to rely on others (as heavily as i used to a few months ago).

After all our Triggers can be turned into Treasures (as a dear one once told me).

Today’s moments also reminded me of times/moments when i used to turn to others more than looking/searching for the answers myself thus triggering other people to feel angry, frustrated & annoyed.

The same exact feel-in-gs i felt today whilst i was making calls & sending emails to rectify a situation (which in hindsight if others around me had done, maybe the problem/situation could of been rectified alot sooner than the 6weeks time frame at present).

In turn that also brought up feel-in-gs/thoughts of………

Dogs body.
“Oh don’t worry, Kat will sort it”.

I also felt that possibly other individuals clearly didn’t give a shit about the situation as they might of presumed someone else would sort it.

It made me feel like i didn’t want to be in the surroundings i am in. The urge to move away & get away from it all for a while.

It also metaphorically cemented the fact that the 3D/4D old Earth – 5D New Earth is shifting.

Thus bringing up alot of feelings, thoughts & emotions to the surface.

I’ve realised in these moments, i know what no longer resonates for me & I’m detaching from things/people/situations.

I don’t always want to be relied upon as i don’t want someone to rely on me so much that they stop relying on themselves & their own strength.

I do want to help people, yet it can’t be a 1 sided thing.
There needs to be balance not all the weight at 1 end like a see-saw.
The individual must want to help themselves also & put in the work/effort.

These brief moments today have drained me.
I currently feel sleepy & long for a long nap.
I was planning on adding/creating a few things for the website tonight (if it’s your calling, it will keep calling).

Yet after work tonight i wonder if I’ll have the inspiration/energy to let my creativity run will & create more content?.

Or will i merely put my pjs on & climb into bed?.

Do you see now why it’s so important for boundaries?.

My vibe was high in the early hours of a new day.

Now mid way through, i long to take a nap & switch off/hibernate (makes my wonder if my spirit animal is a bear?. I like honey, cuddles & cosy naps πŸ˜…).

Bit of advice in these moments….

Guard your energy. It’s more precious than gold.

Use/spend it wisely.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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