Lesson To A Blessing Blog 29/09/2022

As you go through the process of remembering, you may remember old past memories popping up to the surface.

Some of these may be unpleasant memories. Some may be traumatic.
Some may be bitter sweet.

You may drift in & out of these memories as you live & BE in your current moments.

I had a moment yesterday which made me remember a past memory. Instead of feel-in-g low vibes, i saw it as another onion layer of healing that needed to be released & healed.

It was a strange sensation, that even though years had passed from my childhood that, that particular memory was still engraved in my subconscious. One that i thought I’d placed away long ago in the back of my mind/memory.

The person that had triggered that memory finally acknowledged that our relationship will never change/get better/evolve for the better.

I’d already acknowledged that long ago that the relationship would never change & it left a sad bitter feel-in-g that i would never be truly accepted (by her atleast).

It felt like a mutual sombre polite parting of ways. Where we both energetically knew that our bond was never going to be picture perfect as other similar relationships of others around us.

So many have that particular relationship where they can be open with one another with no judgement or criticism. Without either side putting up barriers & walls.

However this particular relationship of mine, it’s a sad deep knowing that i will never have that close & safe relationship with someone who brought me into this world.

For me it’s always been tinted with control “You’re my daughter, you’ll do as i say!”.
Then the “Ok i will never speak to you again”. Line would hit & i was left days even weeks in people pleaser mode to try & fix things.
Thus going against my instincts to stand my ground & not be manipulated just to ‘keep the peace’.

Even many years when I’ve left the nest. If i have a fall out with that particular individual I’m orstosized & singled out by the close knit family members. Another would stop talking to me all because I’d had a fallout with that particular individual having a tantrum.

Moving out can feel like an escape & by closing the front door in your own home it can feel like a sanctuary.

I started writing this blog yesterday yet due to popping out for a few hours then coming home for housework i might of slightly gone off track with this blog than what was originally inspired/intended.

Yet even as I’m writing this now I’m reminded that every past emotion that pops up is another onion layer of emotion(s) that need healing as we let go of what no longer resonates so we can…..

Stretch our wings & fly.
Lighter & Brighter up into the sky.

I’m no longer feel-in-g victimhood vibes of abandonment, loss, guilt or people pleaser vibes from those who have chosen to left my life.

After all i suppose once the teacher has taught the lesson, the pupil no longer needs teaching (a lesson to a blessing).

On the flip side, atleast you energetically know who to thank for the spiritual growth when those onion layers pop up to need healing & releasing.

As sometimes it can turn into guidance of who you do not wish to follow/behaviours you do not with to accept into your life.

Sometimes it can be a bitter sweet mutual goodbye from both sides.

I’m reminded in these early moments to let go & trust the Universe.

Those whom are meant to stay in your life standing beside you will always be there no matter how much time has passed.

And if someone does decide to walk back into it, my advice is to Observe.

Do they seek a solution or do they merely want a same old behavioural bitch?.

Then again, those who you thought would never wake up may gravitate back to you by the vibrational frequencies of the shift.

Who knows…………

Trust your divine intuition.


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