The Spiritual Spiral Blog 06/10/2022

Quick blog in these beautiful sunrise early moments.

I popped onto social media & someone had shared a link to a channel.

I checked it out thinking maybe it would be informative & helping others. However what i found triggered me (pissed me off).

What i thought/hoped would be an informative & helpful channel. Actually felt/screamed like a service to self channel (i read a few of the comments on certain topics).

For example, when anyone would ask for help they were immediately shut down & labelled a “sheep”, stupid or thick. They were taken the piss out of for asking for help.

This is the comment which i wrote in reply. I’ve changed the lady’s name to *A* to keep her anonymous.


I’ve checked out this channel & was shocked by how she & her minions treat people who reach out & ask for help. I felt the channel was very ‘service to self’ & because of the amount of followers i felt she got a great sense of ‘ego trip’. When people reached out & asked for help via the comments they were immediately shut down, taken the mick out of & labeled a ‘sheep’.

Many people will be awakening to the prospect that they were duped by the gov & msm. And be seeking help. Yet channels like Stacey’s are abysmal & scream service to self.

I’m not sure how many are spiritually awake in this group. But there is definitely a 3D/4D – 5D shift going on. And you’re going to be seeing alot more happening & your inner knowing/intuition will be sharper.

Needless to say, i won’t be following that service to self egotistical channel. As i feel it goes against the world many are trying to create.

*A* thank you for sharing. As it has unearthed a trigger for me that needs looking into (thus in time making it a treasure) xxx


Like i mentioned above. A shift is taking place. No matter where you are on your spiritual awakening journey/path. You’re going to see, sense, feel & know things at a much deeper level.

As more solar energy/light energy is emitted. The body will go through changes & DNA upgrades (if you’re familiar with crystaline DNA you’ll know & this might even resonate for you) *goosebumps/spiritual shivers*.

This past 2 weeks for me personally.

I’ve had joint aches (hip & thigh aches & pains).
Achey shoulder pain (possibly caused by work role).
Felt tired after waking up.
Feel-in-g drained.
Bursts of energy (let’s have another clear out or home change around).
The urge to hibernate (careful what i give my energy/focus to). Whether that be engaging in gossip, getting pissed off or wanting to tell someone Fuck no.
Some may also be feeling & looking deeper at their life & thinking “this doesn’t bring me joy or I’m worth alot more than this job I’m doing”.

I also came to the conclusion that while i like my job, it’s time to move on (i admit i have had a few triggers in that department of my life this past week also).

And i also got stuck in another cycle of series binge watching (hence lack of blogs on the website).

Take a deeper insightful look at the world around you each day & in each moment.
Your environment.
Your home.
Your everyday moments.
And think………

Is this service to self? (3D/4D vibes).
Is this service to others? (5D vibes).

Now don’t get me wrong, when i say service to others. I don’t mean saying yes to absolutely everything & thus going against your own divine intuition.

For me it’s how i react/interact with others.

For example- I have a friend who used to constantly come to me for advice on a certain matter.
I’d listen for hours on end.
Offer support & guidance.
However it got to a point where i felt i had to take a step back as i felt i wasn’t sure if they wanted to bitch/vent or if they wanted a solution.
I felt sad about the distance & time apart the friendship needed to take as it was a long friendship since childhood.
I knew deep down that it had started to drain me (energy wise) over the course of those certain conversations.
I went through a period of ghosting (i didn’t tell the friend i needed space). I automatically went distant as it had all became too much.
We haven’t spoken properly in 3/4years.
I will message them occasionally to check into see how they’re doing.
Yet I’m also aware of how much focus/energy goes into the catch up chat as i listen more to my intuition (I’m currently thinking of reaching out to them now, yet my intuition is sending signs not to *feeling sick*).

The more you tune into your divine intuition the more you’ll find it easier to navigate situations that may pop up.

And at times where you would act/react/interact from Ego (for example if you’re pissed off you might shout to get your point across).

Instead you’ll act from Soul (‘I have set a firm boundary & spoken calmly. I do not wish to continue the conversation any longer so i will leave with grace & dignity’).

Thus doing so you’ll have also taken a step to breaking the old behavioural pattern/cycle.

As a dear friend told me your triggers become your treasures.

Think of your spiritual awakening journey (ascension) like a spiral staircase.

The more you go up the spiral staircase. The more clutter (old behavioural patterns/cycles) you’ll come across that need attention to acknowledge, heal & release. It’s not a straight way up. You’ll constantly be going up & down the spiral as things pop up which need your attention.

How do you know you’ve broken a cycle?.

You’ll recognise it & act accordingly (like seeing an old shadow yourself popping up to see if you’ll react/interact the same or differently).

The Universe will send you situations to see how you’ll react.

Have you done the inner work?.
Have you done the shadow work?.
Are you ready to go up the spiritual spiral?.
Or do you need more time to sort & shift things on this level that you’re at?.

For me, i feel no one ever goes down to the bottom of the spiritual spiral as we’re all learning at our own pace along the way.
Yet i feel you can get stuck on certain steps along the spiral if you aren’t aware that work may need to be done.
Like feel-in-g stuck in stagnant waters.

My advice is try not to get stuck in your own head/thoughts too much (i know this from experience).

Then go back to it with a fresh mindset.

Above all don’t give yourself such a hard time.

You may come across some that seem like they have it all figured out.
Yet you’ll never know which step they’re at on their own spiritual spiral.
It’s not a race to spiritual enlightenment.

After all we’re all ONE from source & Earth is the school of learning to master energy (Thank you Dolores Cannon).

I will leave the blog there as i had planned for it to be a short trigger one however i feel it’s become an insightful treasure now (Thank You *R*).

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


One thought on “The Spiritual Spiral Blog 06/10/2022

  1. Hi darling Kat, such a beautiful heartfelt blog today darling – looking forward to meeting up tomorrow morning if youโ€™re still available ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
    Much Love, always in Light, Clare ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒŸ

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