Wallflower – To – Warrior Blog 10/10/2022

The Full Moon is in Aries.
Of the element of fire.
Ruled by the planet Mars.

Some may be feeling these current energies as intense (i advise you to check your birth/natal chart as you will gain a more indepth understanding as to how each planet & sign affect you).

For me, my Mars is in Sagittarius.

Over the past weekend my emotions & energy have been fluctuating.

However i woke up today feeling empowered.

Also influenced by the energies of the full moon.

I will not stand for injustice.
Nor will i allow others to slander me/belittle me.

I am fully aware of Who I AM on a soul level & i will no longer allow myself to bend/be quiet so others may feel better about themselves.

I feel to say.

Many have seen enough.
Many have heard enough.
Many have had enough.

The past few months some may have felt they have been tested/tried.
Have healed over & over like a tidal wave of lessons/blessings over & over.
Some may have felt pushed/pulled/depleted & drained.

You may have come across the saying….

‘Diamonds are formed when under pressure’.

You will not crack.
You will not break.
You will not bend.

You know & feel the divine power surging through your veins.

How you envisage yourself in your minds eye is who you really are.
Who you came here to be.
Your soul will be calling you to BEcome who you came here to BE.
The soul’s calling never lessens, only increases in frequency & pitch.

You’ll know what resonates with you by how you feel (some may experience Spiritual shivers/chills. It’s the body’s confirmation to truth that the soul already knows).

For most of your life you may have been precieved as a meek, mild & shy wallflower. Who wouldn’t say boo to a goose & would remain quiet to keep others happy. Although in their mind they’re shouting/screaming from the depths of their soul.

That time has long passed.

It’s time you stand up.
Spoke your authentic truth.
And BEcome who you came here to BE.

On your journey to BEcoming, you may encounter individuals who you may trigger.
Keep shining your light & remember by them being triggered you are merely showing them what they may need to heal within themselves that they might not of been consciously aware of.
Like a mirror.
However please be mindful of the Ego.
What may resonate for you, may not for another.
Sometimes walking away in peace is a better outcome than shouting in frustration to someone who may never hear you (you may be on different frequencies).

It’s time to speak your truth.
Set boundaries.
And BEcome who you came here to BE.
The time of the wallflower is over.
It’s time for the warrior to rise.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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