Brave BEautiful BEing Blog 18/10/2022

If you’ve followed my blogs over the last few weeks you’ll be aware of the rollercoaster of emotions it has been for me.

Lastnight i had another self doubt dip.

Unsure of where i was going, worrying if I’d triggered anymore, wondering if i was hated, pondering if I’d made the right decisions on my path so far.

I even felt the urge last week to “go home” i wasn’t depressed or low I’d merely got to the crossroads of ‘where do i go from here? Which direction do i take?’.

One of the paths was literally in the shape of a circle (could walk around in the same behavioural cycle to end up no where) no growth, no expansion, no evolution.

I woke up this morning with a new found sense of clarity.

Like lastnight’s dream gave a sense of “it’s ok to let go”.

It’s ok to change course.
It’s ok to take a different un-travelled path.
It’s ok to feel vulnerable.
It’s ok to cry.
It’s ok to break down in floods of tears. (sometimes crying is the body’s way of cleansing & releasing emotions that have been built up for so long).
It’s ok to start afresh & create a new life.
It’s ok to spread those beautiful wings of yours.

Sure on the way you may encounter some who may disagree with your decision.

Although you may feel an invisible leash around your neck which at times feels it’s getting tighter & you feel unable to breathe (anxiety, frustration, nervousness & claustrophobia kick in).

Break free from the shackles.
You’re a dandelion seed in the wind.
Your roots are planted where YOU choose to BE.
You’re allowed to move on to new pastures/adventures.
Move your body.
Feel your emotions.
Cry a river & allow your body to cleanse you from all those stored built up emotions.

For me in these moments today. I’m taking off my invisible leash/shackles & I’m going to plan on taking the next steps. Those steps I’ve never taken before into the unknown.

The unknown which felt scary & unstable.

The un-walked path.

One my Ego would scream “you don’t know what’s on the other side!, Stay here in familiar surroundings in the comfort & cosiness of the comfort zone bubble”.

Whilst i gather my thoughts, dreams & ideas whilst staring out at the foggy mist outside my window.

I’m reminded that just as the fog lifts it’s cloudy mystical veil.

As the fog lifts, the way is clear.

So too do we as we ultimately go through another onion layer of clearing & self discovery.

Embrace the beautiful metamorphosis you are going through.
You’re not stuck in stagnant waters.
You’re not crazy or having a midlife crisis.

You’re bravely letting go of the shackles of which no longer resonates with you.
You’re slowly opening your wings.
And your dreams are slowly taking shape.

You’re Evolving.
You are BEcoming Who You Came Here To BE.

No one ever said evolution (ascension) was easy.
Yet these onion layers/cycles/patterns/going though endless old behavioural cycles & breaking/healing them are fundamental parts.

Learning to let go.
And embracing the evolutionary change (which at times the Ego is reluctant to let go of familiar old beliefs/situations/surroundings).

It’s totally ok to feel out of place.

You’re going through an evolutionary change & an evolutionary shift (which many are feeling. Some know consciously *those awake* whilst others may feel it unconsciously *those yet to awaken*).

Metaphorically imagine some of us are trees right now.

We’re shedding our beautiful autumnal leaves in the wind (that which does not resonate with us/within us anymore).
We’re taking time out to evolve, rest, recharge & recuperate.
Just imagine the beautiful colours you will have in Spring (after your evolutionary solitude of change/the next evolutionary step on your path).

Oh, what a wonder you will BE.
What a beautiful unique masterpiece.
What a wonderous marvel to behold.

You’re not going crazy.
You’re shifting into Who You Came Here To BE.

And that my love is such a courageous, magnificent & marvellous thing to do.

And as you take your 1st few steps & spread those glorious bright wings of yours.

Imagine with each flap of those wings, you’re awakening & inspiring others.


I Love You.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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