The Rhythm Of The Rain Poem 23/10/2022

This is where you can find me today.
By the window dreaming away.
Actively listening to the rain.
My mind wonders if, you’re doing the same.
Gazing out at the rain.
Each drop feels like, it can cleanse away any pain.
I wonder if you’re out there.
Listening to the thunder roar.
As the wind scatters the fallen leaves along the floor.
I wonder if you ever wonder or think of me?.
Can you dare to dream of someone you might not have even seen?.
I can’t help but wonder.
And trust me I’ve tried to forget.
Sometimes dreams & memories can be misinterpreted instead.
My mind boggles at the TwinFlame thing.
Yet as I’m awake, I’m also aware things are never what they seem.
Maybe the rain will wash away thoughts of ‘what could have been’.
Maybe my burning letter helped on healing & releasing things.
Gently taps, does the rain fall.
Gentler still does my Soul call.
Maybe part of me is in love with a memory.
Maybe an aspect is caught up in a dream.
All I know for sure, is I’m evolving.
And BEcoming a better me.
So as I shed each layer.
That no longer resonates within me.
Like a tree sheds it’s leaves.
Unearthing each new unique petal that blooms in me.
And in doing so.
BEcome who I came here to BE.
Evolving & Blooming each moment.
Finally finding who I came here to BE.
Embracing my divine Feminine.
And Finally BEcoming ME.


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