Blog (Written on 04/11/2022)

Whenever you feel a feeling (especially if it’s a low vibe).

Don’t brush it away to 1 corner of your mind/under the carpet.

Feel into it.

Really feel into it.

Ask your inner self/inner child what these emotions are telling you.

Listen to the whisper of your soul/inner child.

Like you’re having a conversation with a friend.

Once you’ve listened & paid attention, you’ll soon feel like the feeling has lifted.

You need to feel to heal (realised, acknowledge, heal & release).

I felt guilty in later moments of yesterday for quitting a job I was unhappy in.

I knew I had to dig down deep & listen to what was coming up.

Despite the person being a c#@t.

I still felt bad for quitting yet I knew she had done the dirty (she told my colleague she had 6 other people quit on her yesterday).

Regardless, there was still some trapped emotions there.

I listened intently into how I was feeling I let the feeling speak it’s truth (so to speak) like listening to a small child on expressing how they feel. I acknowledged what was said/came up. Gave myself a cuddle & in doing so released how I was feeling in that moment.

I felt no guilt or low emotions after I released them.

I realised in today’s moments, yesterday’s low point/feeling felt alot like people pleasing.

It taught me alot yesterday. Mainly I don’t ever want to act like that person (shitting on people).

Personally, I would never go back to that company ever again even if the wage was £15 per hour it would still be a NO from me.

Yesterday my colleague said it was like a weight had been lifted when she quit. I spoke to my colleague today & she said she felt happy & is looking forward to starting her new job next week.

It’s crazy how you can feel after 24hrs after emotions/feelings have been released.

I AM feeling Grateful.

It’s ironic isn’t it.

How as some of us have grown up.
Some of us may have been told to “just get on with it”.
Therefore bypassing our emotions & leaving an invisible scar.
Resulting in a deep hidden trauma response.
Only to repeat the pattern/cycle years later for it to be acknowledged, healed & released.

Welcome to the Stepping Stones of Evolution.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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