A Week Of Realisation Blog 03/12/2022

So I’ve had a mad week.

Where midway through I ended up breaking down in tears as I felt so overwhelmed & it felt like my brain was fried.

Trying to work out calculations whilst your brain is repeatedly saying ‘no we aren’t doing this. This isn’t my area of expertise’ and repeatedly going through mind fog, thick mind fog.

Eventually I uncovered a trigger. Then slowly healed & released it.

This week has been a mix of ‘I’ve got stuff to do as well as work’ & ‘it’s 5pm is it too early to go to bed or even go for an hour or so nap?’.

That’s why some may have noticed I’ve been quiet on the social media front.

And whilst some maybe rushing around organising Christmas shopping.

I feel relived that I got the bulk of mine done in September.
As with my work & family life, I feel it would have been too overwhelming & thick mind fog if I’d attempted to do all that organising & rushing around now.

No matter how many lists you write in preparation for a shopping trip expedition. You always end up impulse buying something & going slightly off course.

Added to the mix of shopping aisle surfing is the pet section. Regardless of how many times we say ‘*L* has got enough’. Our hands always seem to pick up that bag of treats or that cute squeaky toy. Even though *L* has at times been more interested on chewing on a rubber Peppa Pig building block.

It’s been a mad week. What with putting the Christmas tree up & family/work life. Atleast I can breathe a sigh of relief *L* hasn’t ‘marked her territory’ on the tree like an old childhood dog did, considering the said tree was artificial.

Sorting things & sleeping have gone hand in hand for me this week. As ever I’m always mindful of taking vitamins & making sure I’ve eaten properly & healthily. As well as actively listening to my body.

I feel to say there’s been alot of up & down in regards to anxiety in the collective this past week (you may have felt anxious for no obvious reason).

Also dashes of Warrior Light & Bravery moments/vibes also thrown in.

This past week has been intriguing. It’s hard to fathom that we’re at the beginning of December & a New Year is Dawning. Yet many know time isn’t linear. And I feel to say this week particularly many may have in fact been jumping between the 3D/4D – 5D timelines.

All I can say is Your Vision & What Resonates will be your indicator.

This past week you may have seen more (whether daylight or night time vison). Colours would have seen more vivid.

Resonating wise, you may have felt more spirit around (like you’re being watched). Keep an eye out for those little flashes of light. You’ll know if it is of the light or dark by how it feels (how do you feel?). If you feel low vibes/feelings (fearful, sadness, scared) then you may need to do some cleansing, releasing & protecting (I recommend Black Tourmaline, Obsidian & Brown Tiger’s Eye Crystals).

Body wise. As some may know, the body is upgrading to Crystaline DNA. Dormant DNA within your body is being activated. That’s why random aches & pains have been coming & going like frequent visitors.Eat well, drink filtered/spring water & rest. I’m not a medical practitioner. So as always see your medical practitioner if you feel to/if the symptom is concerning you.

For me personally. I’ve remained present & close to my heart centre.

Some may remember I’ve had a hard time rolling & flowing in regards to anxiety over the past 2years since my Spiritual Awakening Journey.
So you could say I’m over actively listening to that particular area/energy centre.
Mainly because I haven’t always listened/flowed freely in regards to my breathing & let go of the overthinking panic response should something pop up.

The elements are my go to.

Air- deep breathing & flowing.
Fire- candle gazing.
Water- cleansing.
Earth (Great Mother Gaia)- grounding.
Spirit- My Higher Self & Who I AM.

Many of the elements are within us with a few dashes of stardust thrown into our veins.

Try to remember.

You’re a Divine Sovereign BEing.

No one messes with you unless you consent/are on their frequency.
Set boundaries like a mother fucker.
Be mindful where your energy goes (like you would your money/currency).
Cleanse your aura.

And remember to call your energy back each day as well as let go of other people’s energy which may be laying dormant in your energy field (for me if I’ve sent love out. I’ll call back all of my energy apart from the positive energy I’ve sent out. I know I can transform any negative energy I may have unconsciously sent out. Mainly road rage swearing πŸ˜…)

Tune into your vibe.
Check in on yourself like you would a friend.
You need time to pamper/nurture/nourish yourself too.
Recharge & Renew.

We all need a time out every now & again. Especially when the energies ramp up & the DNA/body upgrades.

*For those I haven’t seen in a while. You will always have my support, my admiration & my love. I know each of you BEautiful BEings are going through your own layers/experiences. Keep shining beautiful loved ones. You’ve got this & I’ve got youπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈ*

I’m going to leave the blog there as I feel to go for a short nap before my day begins.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


One thought on “A Week Of Realisation Blog 03/12/2022

  1. Hi darling Kat

    Thank you for another beautiful blog – you write so well and always from your heart with honesty and integrity x

    Have a peaceful and positive day with all my love and…. keep shining 🌟🌟🌟

    Love & Light, Clare xxx

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