Film- Drop Dead Fred, Inner Child & Anxiety Blog 08/12/2022

I remember fondly watching a film called…..

Drop Dead Fred.

It was a childhood favourite & is still one of my favourites to this day.

Whilst I was connecting & inner talking to my inner child earlier I had a realisation.

The film Drop Dead Fred starring Rik Mayall is about the inner child.

The main actress portrays a woman who’s unhappy in her mundane job & is in love with a man who repeatedly cheats on her.

She has a mother who is strict & constantly tries to control every aspect of her daughter’s life.

During one of the scenes near the end of the film. The woman is seen unwrapping younger child version of herself from being taped & they both embrace.

The words………..

“We don’t have to be afraid anymore” echo as the scene closes.

It wasn’t until early moments today when I realised what the film was truly about.

That fun little child who used to love colouring/arts & crafts/singing/dancing/having fun.

Until the 1st remembered death in the family at the age of 7.  The fear of death.

I had a 3hr inner conversation with my inner child today in the early hours. I felt I/we made a breakthrough.

Then a few hours later I felt stressed & experienced a heart palpitation & anxiety reared it’s head. I’m still trying to calm down now despite the ups & downs of day to day living.

I’m tired.

I’m drained.

I need sleep but can’t seem to switch off.

I know I’ve been neglecting myself again.

I haven’t been having any ☆Me Time☆ lately & due to the up & down anxiety hence the lack of blogs/inspiration/creativity.

I really thought I had made a breakthrough today, I know I did.

Yet I’m still trying to shake out the anxiety coursing through my veins.

And I’ve also had enough of the latest fear BS the dark narrative are pushing.

Right now, I feel I just really need a cuddle & a good cry (although I’m out blogging in my car).
I need someone to say it’s gonna be ok & what I’m feeling isn’t an A&E hospital dash.
That humanity will reach the 5D timeline & that more are waking up.
I think I might be close to having a panic attack.
Yet I know thoughts/feelings are fleeting so I need to breathe & ground myself.
I know what I need to do (but like many say, taking your own advice is easier said than done).
I need to make time for ☆Me Time☆.
I have to.
Because I’m close to burning myself out.

I’m gonna leave the blog there and do some deep breathing exercises.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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