The Message Blog 09/12/2022

This blog/post comes from a place of love.

From my heart centre to yours.

Whilst I AM aware of what is being said in the current MSM narrative.

I AM also aware that humanity experienced this exact story/narrative 2years ago. Where numbers of ‘cases’ were shown daily sometimes even hourly on the MSM news channels (TV, radio, newspapers, adverts, social media etc).

2years ago in January 2020, I too was taken into the fear.

The obsessive cleaning of the mail.
The social distancing.
The weekly clapping.
The bulk buying.
I even went out at 5am shopping once.
I remember seeing BoJo on tv saying ‘we wouldn’t be able to see our families for Christmas’.
I remember the elderly locked into care homes which became prisons.
I remember seeing the blue masks become lapels/symbols of ‘who followed the fear’.
I remember free thinkers who questioned the dark narrative being shunned, called crazy, outcast like lepers.

Some of the vaxxed even went as far as wishing the un-vaxxed dead.

Let me tell you this………..

You’ve seen with your own eyes this jack-a-norry spin a story before.

You saw how they pumped & fueled the fear and anxiety for 2years.

The flu somehow disappeared & went to the Bermuda Triangle on holiday for 2years.

Covid came out.
Vaccines were already being made (even the animals in the trials were dying).
But ‘Big Harma’ didn’t care.
No liability.
People rushed to get tested & bragged when it came out clear.

I wonder if some knew they were breaking their Blood Brain Barrier (below the pineal gland) when they stuck the swabs up their noses?.

That same Blood Brain Barrier which was there to protect you from viruses/bacteria from entering your body.

I’ve never know children as young as babies dying from heart attacks (Myocarditis).

And now the Strep A pandemic story being put in the news.

Same story.
Different vaccine angle.

Parents rushed to get their children the nasel flu mist.
Blindly following the ‘guidance’.
Did they check the insert?.

The insert.

Did they check the section……

Side Effects.

Next time your up the school/nursery ask to see the insert.

Ask the nurse/Dr if they are fully informed on what is in it & what are the side effects.

Informed Consent.

The anti Vaxxers didn’t die.

They watched (and still do) in sorrow, frustration & sadness.
As you lifted your sleeve & got stuck with poison (which is in trials til 2023. It’s on the UK government website).

Some in the spiritual/awake community knew it was going to be a dark winter for a reason.

They tried to warn you.
They tried to wake you.
They showed you the information & research.
They grieved for you.
They prayed for you.
They held space for you to find yourself & find your way.

Now the dark agenda/narrative have come for your bloodline.
Your heritage.
Your kin.
Your babies.
Your young ones.
Your family.

They have declared war on your very human right to exist on this Earth.

And what are you going to do about it?.

Will you take a stand & say NO! ?.
Will you claim your divine GOD Given Sovereignty?.
Will you stand tall & fight for those who are here now & those yet to come?.
Will you stand beside a stranger who fights for your freedom & see him as an ally/friend?.

Or will you go.
Sit on the sofa with a cup of tea.
Binge watch the fear narrative as it erodes your freedom.
Takes away your rights.
Takes away your freedom.
Tries to take away your Sovereignty.
Rip apart your business.
An evil which wants you to ask permission to leave your own home and tells you when & how you can spend your money (which their trying to digitalsise by the way so then they can withold your money. Search social credit system) hence why they are trying so hard to abolish cash. So they can track & trace you (weird how they haven’t chipped the pedophiles though isn’t it?!).

The technology to microchip pets but not a disgusting parasite like a paedophile.

I’m not going to try waking anymore of you up.

If you aren’t seeing the Blatant Bullshit that’s before your eyes. That’s down to you.
I don’t know what your destiny is or what’s in your soul contract.

All I know is………

Many of you don’t know you’re already in a war.

A war aimed at keeping you enslaved to a system built to destroy you.

I used to hate being the black sheep of my family.
However now I realise it’s what’s saved me.
I am the 1 breaking generational curses & clearing karma for my lineage.

And I don’t owe an explanation to anyone who is dedicated to misunderstanding me.

I cherish those who are closest to me (you know who you are. You’ll be feeling a chill & a cuddle coming your wayο’–οŒο™ο’«).

I know who I AM.

The person you have in your head of me exists there.

And I don’t care who deletes me, blocks me or disowns me if I’ve triggered them for posting this. May you go in Peace & find your own way.

I know those who are meant to be in my life will gravitate towards me.

I no longer hold/attach.
I release & flow.

From this moment on I will no longer be accessible to those who aren’t on my frequency.

No drama.
No arguments.
No explaining.

I AM working & focusing on healing & evolving.

Have a Blessed day.
May you find your way.


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