24/12/2022 Christmas Epiphany Blog

This blog is taken from a private diary entry which I wrote……..

Saturday 24/12/2022.

I had a heart palp earlier & said ‘my name’ over & over in my head. I cried then I focused on my centre.
My sacred space.
My heart.
And I realised why so many have a ‘fear’ of death.
Love for those who we don’t want to leave behind.
We come from Love.
How amazing is it, that the heart is ❀️ shape.
One of the 1st things they check for on an early pregnancy ultrasound is a heartbeat.
It’s where our soul resides πŸ’–.
Our lungs are our angelic wings with each breath we take they fly up & down.
The brain is our knowledge, the full cosmic archive of each & every life we’ve ever had.
Our eyes see. They truly are the windows to the soul if you take the time to look into them deeply.
The body, our skin, is for feeling. Touch, sound & emotions.
Our tears cleanse our soul when emotions/words are too hard to explain.
Our kidneys detoxify us as well as fevers.
I looked up & marvelled earlier whilst the heart, lungs, brain & eye insights came together.
What a wonderous & precious gift it is to be Alive πŸ’–.
How beautiful.
How precious.
Each micro second moment we step into in each breath.
How amazing πŸ™‚πŸ’–.
I no longer see death as a negative, I see it as an emotional attachment (fear of letting go & leaving loved ones behind).
As well as the living no longer being able to hug the physical vessel/avatar.
Although our loved ones never leave us.
Love is the most powerful energy. It remains long after the physical has gone.
Our loved ones in Spirit never leave us.
You can still energetically feel their presence.
Whether by goosebumps, smell/scent, song, animal, insect,special date/numberogical numbers of significance even flowers.
*personal bit*
Even when I am physically on my own, how comforting it is to know that I AM never alone. My loved ones in Spirit are with me always around me & also carried within my heart πŸ’–’

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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