If You Were Here Poem 04/01/2023

I wrote this poem before I left for work in the early moments of today. It was written for a loved one who passed on too soon many years ago on the 4th January.

If you were here….
Maybe things wouldn’t of played out as the did.
If you were here….
You could be held, instead you are missed.
If you were here….
Paths taken, would of changed course.
If you were here….
You would of handled things, with your wild natured force.
If you were here….
Lives would be different.
If you were here….
You would have evolved & became more magnificent.
If you were here….
Painful tears would never have been shed.
If you were here….
Many would have listened, instead of hurting from your death.
If you were here….
So many things could have changed.
If you were here….
Life wouldn’t feel so strange.
If you were here….
You could of been known.
If you were here….
Instead you felt so alone.
If you were here….
You’d be welcome with open arms.
If you were here….
Many would be laughing at your sarcastic charms.
If you were here….
Many things wouldn’t of happened.
If you were here….
You’d of saved the day.
If you were here….
Many would of changed their ways.
If you were here….
If you were here….
We miss you.
You’re missed so much.
So many could have met you.
Yet you passed too soon.
So many memories that were missed.
So many lost hugs & cheek kisses.
So much hurt.
So much pain.
I do hope we all meet again.
You’re never forgotten.
You’re always remembered.
As the crazy ancestor that grew wings & ascended.
We miss you.
Many cry.
That you’re not here.
To sit, chill & chat at night.
You’re so missed.
Greatly missed.
If I could bring you back you know I would.
But who’s to say you’re not here…..
Reincarnated & near.
Close to the loved ones you held dear.
I wonder if your wild ways, have become traits.
Spotted in the new lineage of your bloodline.
I can’t help but wonder…….
Whether in Spirit or here….
Maybe there’s a chance you’re still here…..
If You Were Here…………


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