24hrs (Energy & Palms) Blog 06/01/2023

I wanted to share a moment I had yesterday whilst I was sitting waiting to be seen at the Drs.

A man was talking to the receptionist saying he needed to see a specific doctor as the Dr was aware of his condition. The man was feeling dizzy & had hearing loss. The receptionist wasn’t helpful, she stated the man needed to fill out a form online in the morning to be triaged & they would call him to arrange an appointment. The man said he had no access to the internet. She then stated he should call up the next day (hello, the man is hard of hearing).

Whilst I was hearing that conversation, the centre of my palms warmed up. I wasn’t angry (my whole body didn’t go warm like it was ready for a confrontation). It was like an activation.

Like my body was telling me ‘hey, this man needs healing & you’re a healer’. I sent him healing energy yesterday & also someone I know (they were also at the drs).

Despite the receptionist telling people who called up for an appointment that they were clinically full for the day. It was a crock. There was only 4 people before me when I was waiting. Atleast 3 drs & medical staff & office staff.

Those 4 people in the waiting room saw exactly the same Dr as me.

The waiting room was practically empty.

I was astonished by what I was hearing & observing.

Spiritually I know it’s waking people up (turning to natural remedies/cures).

Yet in those moments yesterday I was annoyed at the injustice. Millions of people around the world who need medical help & to think some drs surgeries (similar to mine) turning people away.
What if you’re not tech savvy?.
What if you have hearing/speech problems & need to speak to someone face to face?.

Fast forward to today’s moments.

I was looking back through my book of shadows (a witches grimoire).

2018. Turns out I was already doing what I knew to do.

If you’ve got this far on this blog.

I’d like you to take a moment to look at the palms of your hands.

Look at the patch of palm under your little fingers.

What do you see?.

Do you see lines (like skin toned zebra stripes)?.

If so they are the mark of the healer.

If you have them on both palms you were also a healer in a past life.

Now open your palms wide & look at the centre of your palms.

Do you see a cross?.

That mark is called the mystic cross.

You can find more information by looking up palmistry.

I found this website

Also an interesting read.

My point of this blog is….

Your destiny has always been in your hands.

Many gifts are being uncovered now. Trust your divine intuition.

Trust yourself.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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