It Started With Fairy Lights….. Blog 22/01/2023

💖Fairy Lights🥰

It doesn’t matter how old you are in regards to the magick & wonder you see.

To me fairy lights will always calm me down.
You see as children you may have had imaginary friends, had a favourite film that was filled with magick & wonder, had a favourite place where some may have even seen fae, some may have had a pet who they talked to & the pet talked back.

That sense of wonder, magick, serenity & ultimately sanctuary for your mind.

A place to breathe.
Feel free.
Safe in a cocoon of cosiness & joy.

As we go from those sweet childhood years into adolescence where the teen hormones kick in we start to shift our focus onto adult matters (longing to grow up & move out).

Sure those adult years are cool. Driving, your own personal space, buying what you want, eating whatever you desire, no bedtime etc.

But soon you may hit a crossroads.

A crossroads where you miss the magickal feelings of wonder you had when you were younger.

Your skin may have wrinkles from laughing.
Your bum may be sagging from all the jumping around.
Your hair may be thinning or you might have lost some strands.

A crossroads.

For me I’m on my final week before I turn another year older.

And let me tell you this. I do have regrets.

I regret not kissing my 1st crush at school & telling him I liked him too back then.
I miss not following my own path (as some of those friendships didn’t make it into adulthood).
I wish I found myself 10-20years ago then maybe my path may be different.

Yet, if it had been different.

I wouldn’t have met my soul tribe.

I wouldn’t have 2 beautiful daughters each with their own unique fiery traits.

If the thing that happened in 2012 didn’t happen, I wouldn’t of found my fire.

You see, in Feb 2012 my world was flipped upside down. I lost half my body weight within 24hrs of the scenario (train smoking cigarettes & cans of coke). That path was torture. Every single moment I was on edge. Looking back it took a strong woman to guide me through it & I’ll never forget what she taught me in those 6months I spent sleeping on her sofa. I reminded in these moments how far I’ve come. I remember my Dr saying back then that many wouldn’t have made it through what I was experiencing.
Nearly 13years on, I’m as stubborn as ever.
If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have found my strength. Strength I learned from a strong woman. Wisdom which was passed down from aunt to niece.
Ultimately I’m grateful for that 1st ever relationship ending, as I know I would probably still been asleep & pressured into being jibbied.

If I didn’t have my spiritual awakening in 2020, months of ups & downs feeling like you’re going crazy, isolated, easily triggered, grieving for those who took the posion. Then I wouldn’t of found my Sovereignty & wholeheartedly BELIEVING in myself.

If I didn’t keep going through the trials of 2012……..

My 2nd daughter wouldn’t be here.
I wouldn’t of met my partner of nearly 9years.
I wouldn’t of met my soul tribe.
This website wouldn’t exist.
My energy wouldn’t be divinely protecting those I care about.
I wouldn’t have developed my strong intuition (I can sense how you’re feeling without even seeing you in person).
I wouldn’t of discovered Who I AM on a soul level & powerful I truly AM.
I wouldn’t have discovered my divine gifts (like a jigsaw piece coming together).

Sure, I may be looking at a crossroads at present.

But as a dear one once said (well, maybe a few times 😅).

I’m exactly where I’m meant to BE.

I’m not late.
I’m not early.
I haven’t missed anything.

Besides, if you knew the ending of a film would you still want to watch it?.

Same goes for living your life.

I know it’s not easy at times.
Sometimes it may even feel like you’re playing dodge ball constantly & are unable to switch off.

Look how far you’ve already come dear one………….

Seriously take a look.

But there’s no seating area when you take a trip down memory lane.

You have to keep going (like Littlefoot said in the Land Before Time 1 😅).

Sadly, some souls don’t make it to the human age you’re at now.
Some take their exits too soon whether by choice, illness or other circumstances.

If you’ve managed to get this far in the blog.
Bravo 👏 (as I tend to waffle on like deflating fart cushion 🤣).

My point is………..

Never stop creating the life you want. Connect with your inner child (childhood memories of joy, love & laughter). Bring those skills & creativity into your adult life.
And trust me, you’ll create wonders far more magnificent then you could even imagine.

You’re trials made you stronger.
Your tears cleansed you.
The fire in your Sacral chakra (belly) glows.
Your heartbeat is a beautifully unique melody that no one else has/is synchronised with.
Your smile brings joy.
When you step into your divine Sovereignty you shine brightly & radiate more magnificent rays of light more brighter than the Sun himself.
You are as majestic & mysterious as the beautiful glow of the Moon in all of her beautiful cycles.

The Water Lily blooms in darkness & so too have you dear one.

I’m proud of you.
I love you.
I’m glad you’re here & breathing.

I don’t normally put this on blogs but if anyone feels they need someone to talk to. Please feel free to contact me (my contact details are at the bottom of the website). Or alternatively if you follow me on Instagram/Facebook you can contact me there.

As always.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


💖Fairy Lights🥰

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