Twin Flames & 144 Blog 24/01/2023

I wanted to blog about the Twin Flame phenomenon that some may be encountering/may have encountered on their Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Twin Flames are halves of the same soul.

The connection can feel intense.

For me, I experienced a few moments of craziness.

I started dreaming of someone in 2020.

I initially brushed it off as ‘a dream’ & as a regret for a missed opportunity in my childhood years.

However the Universe works in mysterious ways.

The dreams didn’t stop.

Just when I thought ‘ok I haven’t dreamt of them in a while. It must of been an ego attachment’.

There’s another dream.

I’d block them out.

Even to the point of not over analysing the dream or repeating the dream over & over in my mind in my waking hours that day.

I reached out to someone who I thought it was. I over expressed. I didn’t tell them anything about what happened/what was said in the dreams, only that I’d seen them.

It started to become an itch that really began to bug me.

No matter how much I researched into twin flames, I knew there was a line in the sand.

A line which I wasn’t prepared to cross (mainly because I knew the person didn’t remember me). Plus I assumed if I was having dreams about them, then maybe they might of seen me a few times too.

The first few months were a nightmare.

It was an inner emotional rollercoaster.

It often felt like I was cheating on my partner as I was stuck in a loop of over analysing dreams & trying to figure out what the Universe was telling me.

“Universe why are they always there?, what are you trying to tell me?”.

Then I came across a post with my magic number on it which triggered me even more.


A sacred number synchronicity.

The post stated the 144 were twin flames.


My mind spiralled into over thinking mode.

I spoke to my soul tribe about it. And I remember one saying all souls are whole.

Which did take the edge off it especially as I was trying to tell the difference between actual twin flames or an infatuation (ego crush).

I was also trying to sort my ego out due to twin flames being rare & special.

I still have dreams.

I still write my dreams down (regardless of if they’re in it or not).

I did go a period of not writing my dreams down.
Then BAM!
They’re back in a dream again & the rollercoaster was more like a ride down a calm stream as I’d write the dream down & brush it off.

It was like having to wean yourself off the Spiritual high of the Twin Flame phenomenon.

I’ve come across social posts of people getting obsessed with the whole concept & I didn’t want to get hooked into that.

Some of the posts I’d read felt desperate, sad, consumed & lonely.

Some felt like stalker vibes (utterly obsessed/consumed).

In truth whether they are or they aren’t, I’ll still care about them & hope they’re doing well.

I won’t cross that line in the sand regardless.

It can feel like rejection when you approach a false twin flame/if someone’s not awake/aware of the concept.

At times you may even start to doubt yourself.

The ‘see me, see me’ cycle was another toxic aspect of it for me (aswell as the ego kicking in now & again) plus the over analysing dreams.

Twin Flames meet when they’re meant to/destined to.

And that happens by each of them clearing, healing & evolving.

I know just as I clear & break old cycles so too do they.

Like “don’t worry I’ve got this, you rest & I’ll transform/shift the energies”.

And visa versa.

I’m evolving whether I’m a twin flame or not.

Just because I’m focused on healing, breaking cycles & evolving.

Doesn’t mean I’m not approachable to help others.

I’m not sure if there’s anymore I can add to the blog.

One things for sure.

I’m trusting my soul & my soul journey.

If we cross paths in this life, ok.
If we don’t, then we don’t.

Regardless, I’m still to aim to raise my vibrational frequency, focus on breaking & healing cycles & evolve.

I hope your Twin Flame journey is alot less bumpy.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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