What I’ve Learned So Far Blog 24/01/2023

So today I woke up from a dream feeling uneasy. These emotions continued whilst I was getting ready for work even to the point of ‘should I go in today?’.

A potential panic/anxiety attack loomed in my mind. However I was in the frame of mind of being productive instead of sitting at home with my head in my hands trying to understand & over analyse the dreams meaning.

So in those moments I reminded myself Who I AM & went to work. I spoke to the Universe & spoke an affirmation which came easily to me & stated I DO NOT CONSENT to lastnights dream.

I thanked the Universe along the way to work & from work also. I played high vibe music & imagined the Solfeggio Frequency Hertz being 432hz (the Solfeggio Frequency of healing).

Now some of you may have already heard of or be familiar with the term Original Name.

The name of your soul & who you are (who your universal Soul Parents are, your strengths, gifts & awards etc).

Some may be new to this term.

For some this life isn’t their 1st reincarnation.

However for some it may be their very 1st incarnation into this dimension/realm/Earth.

Some of you may be familiar with Dolores Cannon. Dolores’ book The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth explains the time humanity are in now (the split/shift of the 3D/4D Earth & the 5D New Earth).

If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious or easily triggered of late I highly recommend you give this book a read.

For me……..

I AM the frequency.
I AM the Vibration.
I AM an energy alchemist.

I shifted my vibrational frequency in today’s early moments & I continued after I left work also.

Some may be feeling low, anxious, stressed, easily triggered of late.

My advice to you is to turn off the TV/radio/mainstream media.
Focus on your breathing.
We’re in the era of moving from head to heart.
Our soul centre.
Go for a walk in Nature/Great Mother Gaia(watching the river/sea can feel so cleansing).

*****Meditation technique I came up with*****

*β™‘* Sit in a comfortable position (this can vary to how you’re sitting. Some may be sitting cross legged whilst some may be sitting in a chair).

*β˜†* Close your eyes.

*β™‘* Imagine the soles of your feet/bum/spine connecting to the floor.

*β˜†* Now, imagine roots coming from the soles of your feet connecting into the ground.
Steadily rooting you into Great Mother Gaia.
Can you feel the warmth?.
The security.

*β™‘* Now imagine a golden ray of light coming from the top of your head & rising upwards towards the universe.
The ray supporting your head, spine & centre. Gently holding you upright.

Can you feel the buzz of energy?.

Now turn your focus to your heart.

*β˜†* Take 4-5 deep slow breaths in. And 4-5 slow breaths out.

*β™‘* With each breath in imagine your lungs are wings.
Steadily going in as they close.

*β˜†* And spreading wide as they go out as you take a breath out.

*β™‘* Tune into the warmth of your heart & the calming melody of your heartbeat.

Repeat 5 times or until you feel calmer/more at ease.

This meditation technique is also handy to practice each time you meditate. As the longer you focus on your deep breathing the easier it will be to get into a meditative state of mind each time you meditate (at times it can also trigger the natural release of DMT from the pineal gland). In some of my previous meditations years ago I experienced the feeling like wave of bliss, love & joy.

*Tip* I found meditating with candles/crystals (of choosing. Eg- Rose quartz for Love, Amethyst for spiritual connection, Tiger’s eye/black tourmaline/obsidian for protection from negative vibes etc) can enhance the atmosphere/vibration of the meditation.

You can also light an incense stick or dried herbs (White Sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary etc).

Candles- Once you’re in that meditave frame of mind. Slowly open your eyes & gaze at the candles flame. What colours/shapes do you see?.

These are handy exercises if you’re new to your Spiritual path or are looking for more information or are just looking for a way to relax & connect with yourself.

After I’ve finished my meditation I always thank the universe/my angels/my spiritual team/guardian angels/ancestors.

Sometimes I also like to do pull a card (oracle cards). Depending on my mood.

Sometimes I may feel tired, energised, blissed out or calm.

I’ve also experienced moments where I’ve gone into a meditation tired & after woken up more & fully of energy. Sometimes it’s been the other way around (energised then tired).

Keeping a dream diary/journal can also help.

I did try uploading a voice note to my Instagram this week (but it was too long).

I say this very lightly.
Nothing can affect you unless you’re on that vibrational frequency.

I’m aware some have been feeling easily triggered by what’s been playing out in regards to the dark narrative (mainstream media, news, TV, newspapers).

Please remember to OBSERVE not ABSORB.

The energy you imit from fear, depression, anger etc feeds the dark enterties.

If you’ve ever experienced a night terror & briefly waking up feeling like your being syphoned (energy being sucked from you) you might understand. Some may also have seen shadow people.

It’s normally the cycle of when you’re feeling low, somehow more shit seems to come.

And release.



No one said a Spiritual Awakening was easy.

We each go up & down the energy spiral in each moment (thought, feeling & action).

Strengthen your mind.
Trust your heart.
Listen to your soul.
Speak to the Universe/Soul team.
Reach out to those on your wavelength/frequency/soul tribe. Whether good or bad keep that connection.

You have a Soul Tribe/physical support in this realm/dimension for a reason.

You also have an army behind your back in the Spiritual Realm.

Encouraging you.
Supporting you.
Loving you.
Guiding you.
Always with you.

*Talk to them (you can also do this through your thoughts) & ask for a sign*

Keep your eyes open, soon you will see one. And the synchronicities will follow from there.

Never be afraid to reach out. There isn’t just 1 dark night of the soul (sometimes there are many) on this evolutionary journey.

Keep going.

Trust Who You Are & Who You Came Here To BE.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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