7 Months & 7 Beautiful Souls Blog 25/01/2023

It’s crazy how your life can change in a few moments, minutes, hours, days, months & even years.

I listened to a message that I was sent a while ago (“You might want to listen to this recording more than once”).

I listened to the recording last night & it was like I was ticking off a list of what I’d learned/changed.

*β™‘* Co Dependancy cycle- Broken.

*β˜†* Heart Palpation/Anxiety cycle- Broken.

*β™‘* Raising Frequencies (asking the Heart first) – Sort of.

*β˜†* Not seeking advice unless the individual would be open to holistic therapies- Done (I’ve actually had family/friends come to me asking for holistic/spiritual advice).

*β™‘* Observing not Absorbing- Done.

*β˜†* BEing mindful of where my energy goes- Done & Daily.

*β™‘* Cleansing my auric field daily- Sort of (by visualisation or breathwork).

*β˜†* Shifting focus from Head to Heart- Done (I love feeling those uniquely beautiful beats).

*β™‘* Mindful & aware who I chill/see/visit- Always (and to be honest I’ve become a bit of a hermit as of late as I’m so cocooned in my high vibe energy bubble, at times I’m reluctant to come out of it).

*β˜†* Speaking from my heart & pausing my mind for a moment- Done (in the past I’ve had a tendancy to over express/over explain round & round in circles as if seeking validation from who I’m talking to. That cycle has been broken. If I’m unsure I’ll observe & feel out any vibes I may pick up. “Does this individual want help or just someone to bitch to?”).

*β™‘* Healing the parental bond- Done.

In the past when I visited my family home there was always some drama or petty bickering which I would be drawn into.
That dynamic has changed.
I’ve gone weeks without going round sometimes & we kept in touch by phonecalls (especially over the Christmas period as both sides were under the weather).
My father even asked for a natural remedy to get over the flu. I brought him round fresh lemons, fresh ginger, organic honey & lemon & ginger tea bags.
I made up the brew for each of them.
I also recommend an Echinacea tincture.
Lately I’d also like to add my mother has started to wake up (she’s anti going to the Gp at present).
When my mother had an ear infection recently I recommended she put a clove of garlic in her ear (garlic is anti bacterial).
I also recommended a clove of garlic applied to the chest & covered with a plaster to help bring up phlegm from cold/flu symptoms. As well as Eucalyptus essential oil added to hot water in a bowl & covering your head with a towel. The steam will help clear the sinuses & congestion. I’ve also learnt that cayenne pepper powder (1 teaspoon added to a cup of water & drank) has blood & heart benefits. I normally add a light sprinkling to my food to boost my immune system (especially in the winter). Ginger, honey, garlic, cayenne pepper, jerk seasoning spices, lemon & pomegranate seeds have been by go to foods lately.

*β˜†* Change of job- Done. I’ve been with my current company for a few months now & I’m happy. I get to come home & see the sunrise aswell as have the rest of the day to myself. It fits perfectly around my home life & it’s given me some headspace in the quiet of those early moments (who knew cleaning could be so therapeutic). Plus my new bosses are great & very down to Earth. I’m really enjoying working there (I don’t even mind the early morning starts). My mental health at work is alot better too (previous job wasn’t too great) however if I feel I’m experiencing anxiety, my supervisor is very approachable & in the early days If I was feeling low/anxious I did ask her to keep an eye on me & she did. I’m grateful to have met her (she’s also anti gp & pills, which I’ve picked up on) which is great. She reminds me of my mother in a way (of just getting on with things).

Alot has changed in the last 7months.

Looking back at who I was last June 2022 is like looking at a stranger.

Granted, I may have slipped into a new mindspace of keeping myself to myself instead of relying too much on others. I do wonder if that’s another cycle which may need to be looked at soon as my Spiritual Awakening/Evolutionary Journey continues.

I do still think of them. The loved ones who went their separate ways in June. However I no longer feel sad about it like I used to back then. In June when it happened it felt like I’d done something wrong, abandonment & loss (victimhood vibes).

However as the months passed, I began to deeply understand why it needed to happen. I needed to find myself, like truly find myself (instead of relying on others & feeling like I’m not measuring up to them on a Spiritual level). I stopped seeking the answers outside of myself (Spiritual gurus/channels on YouTube). I stopped looking on Social media. I even stopped posting unnecessary stuff/talking on the group chat.

Now days I only go on the group chat & post if I feel to & I’m more mindful & aware of what I choose to share.

‘Is it necessary?, Is what I’m about to share high vibe or relevant?, Will I regret posting/saying this? Am I seeking guidance or just having a bitch?’.

I’m observing everything I do from mindfulness to actions/inter actions with those around me daily.

I’ve also stopped rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done. I’ll sort it/be there in my own time.

Heart palpations if they’re felt, get brushed off now.
Am I breathing deeply instead of shallow breathing?
Have I rested/slept?
Have I eaten properly?
Have I gone outside & soaked up some Vitamin D?
Have I grounded?
Have a cleansed my aura?
Are these emotions what I’m feeling mine?.
Am I getting enough vitamins/minerals?.
Pink Himlayian Salt contains alot of minerals. Add to meals after meal has been cooked (I remember *K* telling me that).
Same goes for the anxiety loop.

I’m also writing in my diaries daily as well as taking up daily Tai Chi breathing exercises.

I’m also mindful of what I watch (medical shows after a few episodes tend to raise anxiety levels slowly, so I end up taking a break for a day or 2 from watching them).

After all, what we watch our mind percieves as real.

I’m finally in a routine which works & that I’m happy in.

I’m approachable, not accessible. I have kept myself to myself if I notice behavioural patterns in others (Eg- bitching & gossiping). As it reminds me of how draining I must of been all those long months ago. Behaviours going round & round in a loop & not changing.

It’s made me have a deeper understanding of why the group split.

We (I for one) needed to find myself.

I needed to find who I came here to be (my original name).

Ultimately I needed to believe in myself.

How does one truly find themselves if they’re constantly relying on others?.

Plus if one isn’t putting the work in, the situation can turn into an energy drainer.

That was me 7months ago.

There’s nothing but love, respect, gratitude & held space for those beautiful souls.

Though each of us may have gone our separate ways.

For me personally there’s still a door open in my heart should any of them should they wish to reconnect/talk again.

There’s no animosity or bitterness.

Only love & gratitude.

Speaking for myself, I needed to truly find myself & connect with who I came here to be.

Even if I felt sad & depressed those 1st few months apart. It needed to happen.

I love each of your beautiful souls & I hope your journey is a blessed one.

I love you.


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