The Cycle Breaker Blog 08/02/2023

It’s ok not to feel ok.

It’s ok not to be love & light 24/7.

It’s ok to cry.

It’s ok to have a low moment.

It’s ok to feel low.

It’s ok to take the day off work to get your mind straight.

It’s ok to feel stuck.

It’s ok to acknowledge your triggers & take your time to work on them.

It’s ok to feel sadness.

Most days I’m love, light & high vibes.

However I do have my low moments where I’m emotional (for me it’s always around the time of the month when my emotions start to dip) & it’s taken me a long time to realise that.

You see, at times on my Spiritual Awakening Journey.

I was so focused on raising my vibrational frequency to help awaken & raise the collective consciousness of Humanity.
That when I felt a low emotion (anger/sadness).
I would give myself such a hard time for feeling that way “this isn’t very 5D”.

I would mentally kick myself for days over 1 experienced moment of a low vibe.

It became a cycle.

Then I realised that cycle happened closely around my female menstrual cycle.

When I would feel irritable, low mood, food cravings, desire more rest, feel sluggish & genuinely just want to feel cosy & hibernate.

The stress & anxiety also crept in sometimes. So much so cortisol (stress hormone) was released into my system & it would mess up my cycle (irregular cycle/length of cycle).

Yes, you may feel & know you’re here to help the collective consciousness of Humanity shift into the 5D New Earth.

But please remember, you’re also here to experience the feelings of being a Human.

We’re complex.
We’re unique.
Each of our DNA soul blueprints is a masterpiece of Divine creation.

So next time you’re not feeling 100% high vibe. Please don’t give yourself a hard time.

Realise (the emotion).

Allow yourself to feel the emotion (crying, a brief shout etc).

Release (the emotion).

Remind yourself you’re here to experience human emotions yet not get stuck/trapped in them in a brief moment.


We can easily jump between 4D & 5D, just as quickly as our emotions/thoughts change.

You’re constantly timeline jumping between 4D & 5D.

Yet as the shift quickens, soon you’ll be mainly present in 1 timeline.
Then eventually, present constantly (as you evolve & your consciousness rises).

As a dear one once said………

“You’re triggers are your treasures”.

They are literally sign posts on what needs to be acknowledged, healed & released.

Sometimes you might see a pattern repeating & you can no longer brush it under the carpet.

We shift by breaking those old cycles of repetitive behaviour.
And we do that by

Realising (acknowledging).

How do you know a cycle is broken?. Because you’ll react differently & more mindful should the cycle ever repeat again.

For example-

Your being triggered by your partner.

They’re more interested playing on their phone than spending family time.

Instead of raising your voice & getting no where (as you’ve been through this cycle before).

You go for a safe drive (now when I say safe i mean sticking to the speed limits, no drugs, no alcohol & genuinely being a good safe driver).

You listen to music.

You clear your head.

Yes, you feel angry & sad.

But deep down you know the cycle needs to be broken & the trigger was a signpost.


Do you go left (& stay in the relationship).

Do you go straight ahead (& both actively work on the relationship).

Or do you go right (& split up).

Personally, I experienced a similar cycle yesterday & I did go for a drive on my own at night.

I listened to loud music (Kelly Clarkson’s song Gone).

I did drive down 50mph/60mph roads with the windows down a little.

Feeling the cold Winter air fill the car (then think “fuck it’s cold” & put the heating on with the windows still open a little).

I did need to clear my head.

Then I received a text on my dashboard & listened to it play via the car stereo. The text was apologetic & asking me to come home.

Lastnight, I didn’t want to go home. I would of happily stayed out 1 more hour driving. But I knew I needed to get home.

When I got in it was bedtime.

I was still adamant I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore (as I’d tried to fix it before & “I’m not Mary Poppins” & yes, I did say that to him lastnight).

We did have a brief chat (as we both needed to get some sleep for work the next day).

In these early moments reflecting on yesterday, I’m still annoyed.

Mainly because I’m unsure if the cycle will change for the better or if he’s actually going to work on himself.

For now, I’ll be the observer quietly minding my own business & tentively working on myself.

The thing is, I have a tendancy to be very distant when I feel like this (fed up & with a *attitude* feeling of frustration for going round in a circle).

My relationship isn’t a bed of roses.

My farts don’t smell of fragranced rose petals with fairy dust added for an extra flamboyant effect.

My relationship has thorns.
My relationship has a few flaws & imperfections.

And I’ve realised no matter how long we’ve been together, how much work I’ve put into the relationship, no matter how much I’ve tried to fix a few things/improve a few things.

Sadly I know deep down.

I can’t help him evolve into the man I know he can be.

I can only better myself & work on my end of the relationship.

I can’t force him to face his triggers.
I can’t force him to evolve.
I can’t ask him to be anymore conscious than he already is in his present moments.

But I know I can’t stay.

I can’t stop my own evolutionary journey/Spiritual Awakening Journey & I don’t want to.

I do want to be better.

I do want to keep breaking each negative cycle/trauma/pattern/behavioural cycle.
One after the other.

Because I do want to make a better world.

This is what I meant when I blogged a while ago about relationships changing.

So far a majority of mine have changed & deep down I always had a feeling this particular relationship was 1 that I would need to face. No matter how much I dreaded the process. No matter how much I dreaded years of stored feelings popping up (frustration, sadness, stagnant emotions etc).

How did I know it was due to be looked at?.

As I knew it would be the hardest cycle to break.

No matter how much you love someone, unless they want to address their shadow work/want to evolve.

There’s not much you can do.

If you remember how hard it was to wake people up a few years ago, you might be on the same wavelength as this one.

You might feel stuck & frustrated.

For me, I will continue to actively work on myself in a positive way so I can evolve & ultimately shift the collective consciousness of Humanity into 5D & make a new world. A better world.

As for the relationship.
We will see.
I know the Universe will know if the relationship survives or if we go our separate ways.

You may remember a few blogs ago I mentioned the term people pleaser.

Well that term no longer resonates with me.

I’m working on bettering myself by breaking negative cycles.

I trust my intuition fully & know I am a child of the Universe.

I love who I AM & I love who I AM becoming.

It’s time to grow, change, evolve.

And just like the tree sheds it’s leaves in Winter, so too do I in regards to what no longer resonates.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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