A Little Blog 01/03/2023

Although I try to raise the vibrational frequencies to 5D for the collective.

I do have days/moments when I do sometimes doubt myself.

I have days where my mind wonders back to a time in my childhood & I miss those familiar faces.

My heart aches for those lost connections (whether it be friends or family).

My mind tries to analyse what went wrong & what could have been fixed.

I wonder why some of those connections aren’t present to this day.

At times I often feel lonely in my solitude & long for someone to reach out to me to check if I’m ok (even when I’m used to sorting things out on my own).

You see, the more we shift & raise our vibrational frequency.

Sometimes people drift away. Along with the 3D/4D brain mentality hive mind thinking.

Quite a few times I experience the feeling of not knowing where I’m going & feeling lost. Then I see those angel number synchronicities & know I’m on the right path.

It’s because I’m being guided by my soul.

The more I raise my vibrational frequency.

The more my soul is guided by my higher self.

I’ve had moments this week where I wanted to reach out to lost connections & try to build a bridge. Although I know the bridge would only be built half way by me.

Lastnight I had a dream where a relative made it clear not to call or message them.

I woke up today knowing my instinct & intuition had been right all along even in my waking active moments.

It’s when I’m on my own where I do most of my thinking (sometimes at my job I’ll be so wrapped up in my own thoughts the time would fly). Especially in the early moments. The silence & stillness of a new day dawning.

It’s likely these feelings of loneliness will continue for some time. Yet I know as many more awaken to their true sovereignty, the whole collective consciousness of Humanity will rise into 5D (sooner rather than later I hope).

And eventually more of my Soul Tribe will reach out & find me in their own divine timings (even 1s I haven’t met yet).

At times I may not like or understand the steps on my journey. I know that my soul knows the way & with each step the full jigsaw is coming together.

For me, it’s when I’m in solitude when I truly begin to understand & find myself on a deeper level.

Like your building up the strength & wisdom for the next leap on your soul journey but this time you’re bringing your DNA upgraded Crystal line body with you.


Find yourself in those stagnant moments of solitude.

Rest & build up your strength.

Take as long as you need especially with the energies increasing you will need your rest & strength.

Eat well.
Plenty of water & fresh healthy food.

Fundamentally & essentially BREATHE.

Expand those lungs with fresh air & when you exhale. Exhale all that is no longer in alignment with you. Release the anxiety, worry & sorrow.

You’re not alone.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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