The March Tower Blog 16/03/2023

I’m at a tower moment in my life where I know what I don’t want.

Yet it’s hard to put into words & express what i do want.

I know my job was exactly what I was looking for last year due to the hours & timings.

However I didn’t realise until recently how much I was on the go like a machine.

Not properly & actively resting.

As soon as I came home from my job role, I’d then continue the job role at home.

Darting around from 1 task/to-do to the next. With a small snack window in between.

Like a Stop-Start engine on a car.

Over the last 6months, alot has been coming to the surface for me.

Alot of realising, healing & releasing.

I remember long ago, how I used to kick my own arse when I felt a tower moment approaching.

I used to feel down, lost & at times in a low mood.

However in today’s moments I realised tower moments are infact redirections.

I experienced what I asked the Universe for (a job that fitted around family commitments).

But I didn’t realise I’d need to take extra care of my health in the process also.

A firm & healthy routine of waking up & going to bed.

Eating healthy throughout the day instead of snacking.
Not just having a few sips of a smoothie before going out the door in the early hours of a new day.

Mindfulness & anxiety breathwork (Tai Chi/Qi gong).

Slow stretching of my body (yoga).

In the end.

In today’s moments I realised I’d infact burnt myself out.

I was trying to be Superwoman darting around. I forgot to look after myself in the process.

“Health over Wealth” as a friend would say.

That’s not the only area of my life that is changing.

Now I fully know what I don’t want. Other areas are set to change also.

From my relationship with my partner to those around me.

The more I acknowledge/face & shed what no longer resonates with me. The more I become myself.

I AM not afraid to walk alone.

I know who I AM.

Like I release myself from the shackles that were once holding me down.

I’ve also faced the fact that my personal relationship is at a stand still & I’m ready to walk away (I’ve been feeling this way for longer than a few months).

It’s like a last chance saloon.

Make or break.

And yes, in my mind I’m still trying to manifest my dreams of a Spiritual community.

That flame hasn’t dwindled nor burnt out.

I know I AM powerful.
I know I AM capable.
And I fully know the Universe has my back.

I need to be more clearer with my desires & stop second guessing myself.

Things are shaking & breaking.

To be shifted & built anew.

My heart knows by how it feels & my Soul knows that path.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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