Instagram Blog/Post 27/03/2023

I saw watching a episode of Greys Anatomy lastnight. Where a teen tried to cut his hand off.

There was a scene between Kepner & the teen where they spoke about the Bible.

As I was watching the scene/episode (commandment 1 & psalm 23 *Luke 17:21 God is Within You) a few things came to me as they spoke.

You are a God & your intuition speaks to you.
That’s how you connect with your Higher Self.
Those uplifting conversations you have with yourself on the inside.
That soothing voice.
You’re always being guided, supported & loved.
You are whole.
You are the Kingdom of Heaven.

You may have heard the phrase “your body is a temple”.

Well therefore you are the God/Goddess.

*Right inner ear ringing as I type*

My interpretation of the 10 commandments.

1- don’t put another’s intuition before your own.

2- don’t worship a false God (eg- a celebrity).

3- don’t speak harshly to yourself. No negative thinking towards yourself.

4- remember to have a day to yourself where you can nurture, nourish & cherish yourself (eg- me time).

5- honour your ancestors.

6- don’t kill another being (whether physically or emotionally. Eg- killing anothers happiness because you are sad/angry).

7- don’t sleep around. Sex is a sacred energy exchange.

8- don’t steal (whether physically or emotionally. Eg- stealing another’s joy due to ego).

9- don’t lie. Always listen to your divine intuition before speaking in a situation.

10- don’t go against your nature (don’t be envious of another).


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